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Passions, Distractions & Pure Awareness

The practice of integration

There are passions and distractions that are heightened emotional states of our physical mind body.

These passions and distractions could be details about or around any particular aspects of life, for example children, nature, animals, equipment, concept, cars, arts, craft, vocation, entertainment, sports, industry, communities etc.

One person’s passion for example children, animals, career, community could be a distraction for another person.

One person’s passion may be perceived as something non preferred or negative by another.

And what one person considers a distraction may be perceived as valid or key to life by another. As relational beings we may be affected emotionally to varying degrees by the perceptions that others have about us in certain aspects of our lives, usually in the area of our passion.

And these emotions in the physical ego mind add weight and density to an already complex structure, which we come to manage and regulate.

Also our own personal passions and distractions can change in little or big ways as we evolve.

And a passion at one time can become a distraction for us at another time.

Passions are usually distinguished from Distractions by the absence of anxiety or confusion. Passions are often assumed to be pure heightened positive emotional states, whilst distractions are often assumed to feel somewhat unfamiliar and even irritating.

This is not always the case experientially however, as there are those who are very passionate about things that some would consider hugely detrimental to self and the collective.

It can be a challenge to distinguish between a passion and a distraction because giving attention to a passion does not always produce pleasurable outcomes, for self and others, just as we know distractions can be quite pleasurable.

Honest Self awareness, reflection, acceptance, clarity, discernment and letting go, all matter when it comes to telling the difference between the passion and distraction.

The process is one of cultivating ways to direct our attention, in the present, towards the highest values we feel drawn to, such that we enjoy fulfilling and satisfying relationships with our own self and others. This often takes to us into spiritual practice, which we sometimes find we have resistance to from pre conditioned definitions of acceptable or superior practices.

Our transformational journey involves being open to exploring rules we hold in the mind, which could actually be barriers in our own growth and development path.

As we go through our mental and emotional transformation, we become clearer around our preferred and non preferred passions and indeed distractions.

This consequently brings deeper clarity to the physical ego mind.

This clarity in the physical ego mind allows for our consciousness (natural life force), to increase in frequency to transcend the physical mind gradually into the higher mind, which is a spiritual practice I teach in my 8 week SMITT program.

This article is about the transmutation and transformation of the physical ego mind through healing, integration and detachment to align more and more with higher levels of the spectrum of consciousness.

The physical ego mind consists of our identities, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, definitions and sensations of our passions and distractions.

Consequently there is potential for many many passions for different roles, identities and the potential for many distractions.

It is important to understand the dense complex, constantly changing nature of the physical ego mind. We can allow ways to live with the passions, distractions of the physical ego mind. It could be as simple as drawing out a list of the things we define as our personal passions and distractions from time to time.

It helps to understand our passions and distractions within the complex non stop ongoing narrative and projections of physical ego mind.


I am an Author, Coach, Mentor, Reiki Medic Practitioner. More about me here

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

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