Managing my emotions was something I had to do from childhood as a stutterer. I quickly learnt with the support of my father, (who was also a stutterer and a Barrister at Law), before the age of five, that the only way to stutter (or stammer) less, to talk, communicate and express myself coherently was to manage my emotions. As a parent of a now young man with autism and complex health needs, I also cultivated emotional resilience managing the day to day mental and emotional overwhelm. I discovered that being calm led to best outcomes for my home and business. This all led to my spiritual awakening and the nuts and bolts of my work in Emotional Intelligence.


I'm Bola Abimbola, I empower you to live intuitively and extraordinarily, without inner limits, with clarity and inner non duality congruence, in soulful authenticity with ease and flow, whether at work or at play. 

I am not your regular Trauma Trained Emotional Intelligence Coach. My focus is on true emotional freedom. Being able to understand the workings of our inner mind, emotional brain, and energy being, to flow more freely with synchronicity, applying proven simple but powerful tools, in the right way.

SMITT incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy, stillness, meditation, trauma recovery and neuroplasticity to cultivate emotional freedom, emotional intelligence, intuitive confidence and resilience, to improve the quality of relationship with self as well as communication and interaction in business and relationships.

I was a National Health Service Manager, in the UK, by the age of 25, and a local political party officer. I have over 20 years experience in senior management and executive leadership in public service and political leadership in the UK and abroad. I enjoy being a Mentor, Speaker, Writer on Emotional Intelligence, as well as a Teacher at the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). I am also CEO and Founder of Soulspace Healing. I host the "Worthiness & Authenticity" weekly podcast on anchor and spotify.

I have published articles on psychology and transformation. In Dec 2020, I co-authored "Effective Support and Education of Autistic Young People" focusing on Emotional Intelligence. I co narrated two audio books "Rhetorical Notes on Life" -Book 1 and Book 2. 

I live in London, UK with my family. I am also an Official Host of London Adyashanti gatherings leading monthly spiritual reflective and meditation gatherings. I enjoy Pilates and being with nature.


I look forward to connecting with you.






  • Parent Advocate & Counselor for over 20 years

  • B.Sc Psychology degree from Birkbeck College, University of London, UK. 

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Management

  • Certificate in Humanistic Integrative Counselling, CPPD, London

  • Advanced Reiki Practitioner Member, Reiki Academy London

  • Member, Council of Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), UK

  • Member, Reiki Council, UK.

  • Professional Advocate in social care and special educational needs and disability assessments, mental health, and facilitating patient groups with cancer patients.  

  • Trainer, Event Leader and Speaker on various topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Intuitive Leadership, Self-Advocacy, Radical Non Attachment, Conscious Wellbeing, Parenting persons with disabilities and complex  health issues. 

  • Trauma Coaching Certification with The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC).

  • Host of Worthiness & Authenticity Podcast