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Bola Abimbola  

Author & Writer


Bola xx

Hi I'm Bola, this page is about me The Author & Writer.


My book Daily Soul Bytes for an inspired life, is a collection of thoughts and musings about life.


I remember that those times in my life when I took a step into the unknown was preceeded by some form of inspiration from a reflection. As you read the daily notes and reflections, my intention is that you get even more curious and are inspired to:

- cultivate self awareness, practice mindful focus and empowered thinking through positive choices

- amplify your beliefs to move beyond fear to have more ease and flow

- discover your gift and become a beacon to inspire others to live their dreams

You can purchase the ebundle which contains the ebook and audio book, or the audio book of all 31 mp3 inspirations I have recorded or just the ebook alone. You receive the purchase in your email immediately. Send me a message if any issue.

If you are interested in deepening your emotional freedom and emotional intelligence, I invite you to schedule a chat with me here

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E book and Audio book


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Audio book


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E book  



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