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Supporting healing & transformation through resonance with soulful creative writing

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     The act of softening to give

ourselves compassion

must be learnt


~ Bola Abimbola

Soul Byte on Compassion

 Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired Life (Page 26)

Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired life 

Have you been struggling with connecting with yourself from within and are looking for inspiration to move past the fear, worry, anxiety, and any other unwelcome emotion so that you can realize your true authentic self?

And do you desire absolute conscious living unbarred by the noise of the outer world?

If you've answered yes, 

This inspirational book will give you 31 powerful nuggets of wisdom to help you navigate some of the world's most pressing yet necessary bits of life!

We all dream of a life that invigorates us, one that is fulfilling, free from worry, and balanced in every aspect - financially, mentally and health wise.

But how many p
eople truly get to live this dream life? Sadly, not many.

But contrary to what you may believe, this life isn't far from reach, and Daily Soul Bytes by Bola Abimbola, the Founder of Soulspace Healing, has all your answers.

So, if you've been asking yourself questions such as: 

How can I feel more fulfilled?

Is it possible to create a more wholesome life?

Where do you begin this journey?

How can you liberate yourself from your past and embrace the present fully?

How can you elevate your consciousness?

--- this is the book for you, so keep reading

With the Daily Soul Bytes, you'll:

  • Challenge your self-awareness as you come face to face with your internal thoughts

  • Learn the art of staying in the present fully

  • Logically silence your inner critic and see things subjectively as you develop more self compassion

  • Find clarity in areas of your life that seem murky

  • Embrace the impermanence of existence and liberate yourself from needless burdens

  • Learn to be in harmony with the natural flow of life without forcing circumstances

And much more!

It doesn't matter if you've been feeling lost for days, weeks, months, or years or if you feel you've been merely existing and not living, Daily Soul Bytes will give you 31 reasons how and why your life should be nothing short of amazing!


Buy the ebook below for instant download and grab the paperback on Amazon

Bola xx



BOLA ABIMBOLA, the soulful author behind Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired Life, is a remarkable Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Psychic, and Reiki-Medic Care Practitioner. With an inborn passion for guiding people towards deeper connections with awareness and higher conscious living, Bola employs the moving power of stillness, emotional intelligence, and compassionate inner inquiry. She is the founder of Soulspace Healing and an official host of Adyashanti gatherings, where she leads online monthly sessions, fostering a community dedicated to deepening their spiritual practices.

Her book, Daily Soul Bytes is being republished in paperback and audio format by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. In the book, Bola distils her extensive knowledge and experiences into 31 powerful points of insight. Through the inspirational book, she hopes to empower her readers to embrace conscious living, navigate life's complexities, deepen self awareness and liberate themselves from unnecessary burdens. With her BSc degree in Psychology and Certification in Trauma Recovery, Bola focuses on the embodiment of good Mental Health in her work.

Her chapter on Emotional Resilience in the recently published book by Jessica Kingsley Publishers titled "Educational Psychology perspectives on supporting young autistic people". shares strategies to cultivate emotional mastery for parents and educators of persons with autism. 

Currently residing in London, UK, Bola Abimbola, listed as a Brainz 500 Global Honouree in 2021, continues to touch and change lives with her teachings. Daily Soul Bytes aims to amplify her reach to people she wouldn't otherwise be able to connect with personally with her  ENERGY HEALING & LIFE COACHING work.

Educational Psychological Perspectives on Supporting Young Autistic People 

This is a book collaboration. An essential guide for any professionals working with autistic children and young adults, this book provides expert insights which need to be considered by professionals, parents and autistic people alike. It covers key themes such as anxiety and wellbeing, transition into adulthood, sexuality, intersectionality, and many more.

A unique blend of first-hand experience, parental guidance and professional advice is provided from prominent figures in the autism field to offer you an overview of the important issues of today, to help you understand and better support autistic young people.


     I genuinely believe that autism teaches us a parents to explore as if there are no boundaries, attending only to the things that bring our children happiness and showing love

without needing words


~Bola Abimbola

 Effective Support and Education of Autistic Young People (Page 118)

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Coming Soon!!

Parenting the Unpredictable;
5 steps to achieve emotional ease and flow as a parent of a child with autism

It is a teaching memoir of stories of an amazing adventure of over two decades, trauma healing and learning about how positive parenting and inner essence of bEIng go hand in hand with our focus on higher frequencies of transformation, whatever that looks likes for us. Parenting offers an opportunity to explore attachments even as we explore non attachment to the 3D dynamics in our life journey. It becomes even more interesting and challenging when you really have to get comfortable with the unpredictability of autism as a parent.


My book will share how I have learnt to balance relationships, work, health, parenting emotional and financial freedom.

As an expert Special Educational Needs Legal Advocate and Consultant, I also share insightful parenting tips, strategies and guidance to help parents stay on track with educational and wellbeing stages from birth to age 25.

Niche: This book is for all parents, especially parents of differently abled children who are into honest self reflection, personal development and spiritual growth.

If you want to be notified of the book launch, sign up for

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Bola xx


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