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     It is in the repeated reading, listening, practice and reflection, that anything sticks in our minds. It is how

we learn. Be gentle with yourself as you go through the intentional practice of acquiring new skills, habits to

amplify your experience in a new area


~ Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired Life

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  We have taken on and gone beyond many new things with unknown risks, that we knew hardly much about. We pushed through the uncertainty and things turned out ok. It is worth remembering these times we stepped into the unknown and we came through, as we take new steps


~ Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired Life


Hi I'm Bola, welcome to Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired life, my original collection of Thirty-one thoughts and musings about life.


I remember that those times in my life I took a step into the unknown were preceeded by some form of inspiration and reflection. My intention as you read the daily notes and reflections, is that you get even more curious and inspired to:

- cultivate deeper self awareness, practice mindful focus and empowered thinking through positive choices

- amplify your beliefs  with compassion, move beyond fear, to have more ease and flow around you

- discover your gift and become a beacon to inspire others to live their own dreams

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Bola xx

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BOLA ABIMBOLA  is the Founder of Soulspace Healing. She is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Emotional Freedom Coach and Reiki-Medic Practitioner. Bola's  passion is to facilitate deeper connections with awareness and higher conscious living, through stillness, emotional intelligence and compassionate inner inquiry. With a BSc Psychology degree from Birkbeck College, University of London, she has spent over 20 years working in the Health Service, mental health and advocacy. She worked in senior management and leadership in politics and education in the UK and abroad. She contributed a chapter on emotional resilience in the recently published book by Jessica Kingsley Publishers titled "Educational Psychology perspectives on supporting young autistic people". She self published "Daily Soul Bytes for an Inspired life" and currently runs the 2 month SMITT Emotional Mastery Program for higher conscious living. She is an official host of Adyashanti gatherings and runs online monthly gatherings for deepening spiritual practice. Bola is a Brainz 500 Global List 2021 honouree and lives with her family in London, United Kingdom.  

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