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Policies & Protocols

Code of Ethics and Escalation (Scope of Practice) Protocol FOR 1:1 TRAUMA RECOVERY WORK

As mandated by my specialist certification through The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching, I ascribe to the following ethical standards.

  • I do not work with Clients who are engaged in behaviour that puts their physical safety at risk, such as active alcohol and drug addiction, active and significant self-harming behaviour. 

  • I do not work with clients who are actively suicidal.

  • I do not have sessions with clients who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I will reschedule clients in that situation and address the drug or alcohol issue at a subsequent session.

  • I provide Trauma Informed Services at all times.

  • I do not offer services to clients who requires assistance with issues outside of my scope of competence.

  • I receive professional supervision from a qualified Supervisor when I encounter issues in my practice that I am not fully competent to handle. 

  • I do not diagnose mental health issues. Coaching does not replace traditional medical or mental health services.

  • I do not provide advice about psychotropic medication.

  • I do not work with minors.

  • I do not conduct sessions with clients while they are impaired with drugs or alcohol.

Confidentiality Policy

  • I provide services with complete confidentiality.

  • I do not disclose my work with any client, client records or any client information to anyone without the written consent from my client or a court ordered subpoena. 

  • I obtain a written release from my client upon a valid request to share information with another individual, such as a doctor, psychiatrist or hospital.

  • I keep accurate, detailed records of my work with clients.

  • I store these records in such a way that does not allow access to them by anyone other than myself. This includes both written documents and online data.

  • I voluntarily serve as a Mandatory Reporter. I always report current and ongoing abuse to minors and elders to the appropriate local agencies.

Privacy Policy

  • Here at Soulspace Healing, we are committed to giving you control over your personal data and keeping it safe.

  • We will use the email you provide to us to send you messages about your bookings, our services or offers. If you ever change your mind just click on the unsubscribe link in any marketing email we send and we will only send you emails regarding your bookings with us.

Payment Policy

  • All our services are pre-paid. Payment can be made online via Paypal at least 24hrs before the start of treatment session. It is your payment that confirms the booking. We do not offer refunds and there is no exception to this.

Crisis Response

  • We ask clients who are in a crisis to call emergency services in their local areas. We define crisis as feeling suicidal or having suicidal plans, extreme emotional distress

Communication outside of sessions

        Alcohol and Drugs

  • We ask that our clients not be under the influence of alcohols and drugs during our sessions. Taking prescribed medication is appropriate and one glass of wine is fine too. Clients should not bring alcohol or drugs to sessions.



Bringing a third person into sessions

  • Clients are expected to attend sessions one to one. Even the group coaching sessions are for clients participation only. If you would like to bring a third person to your session, kindly send an email to us 48hrs before the session to request this, stating your reasons. We will respond to your request as we feel is appropriate. Sessions including unauthorised third persons will be ended.

Mobile/Cell Phone Usage

  • During sessions, phones should be muted. It is important that calls are not picked up unless it is an absolute emergency. 

Policy Violation Protocol

  • We will inform clients who continuously violate our protocol of our concerns. if the violation continues, we will end the provision of our services to them.

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