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Self Awareness and Pure Awareness

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Self awareness is the conscious recognition of aspects of our physical ego mind, i.e. the identities, thoughts, beliefs, definitions, sensations.

Self awareness is us recognising that we are a particular colour, race, gender, that we like fruits, meat, vegetables, that we are not comfortable driving, waking early, sleeping late at night.

Self awareness is the recognition of aspects of our physical self.

It is this recognition along with integration, acceptance, clarity and letting go, that matters, when it comes to managing the complex and dense physical ego mind.

Pure Awareness is the energy of attention of higher mind, our spirit self. It is Timeless, Infinite Intelligence.

From the Metaphysical perspective, the human being is actually 99% a spiritual being and 1% physical ego mind.

The Higher mind is our pure awareness of being, the 99% spirit self, which together with the 1% physical ego mind make up our consciousness, the divine God particle, All That I am.

This Consciousness can be felt as a still, alive force within and around us, with practice. The transmutation and transformation of our physical ego mind through healing, integration and detachment aligns us more and more with higher levels of the consciousness, (which is really seen as a spectrum of mind : lower physical mind to higher mind), into the higher mind, pure awareness.

Transcending into pure awareness for me happened gradually in curious discovery as I deepened inner clarity and regulation of my physical ego mind.

It is a journey. The journey for me is about consciously understanding and embodying the power of pure awareness, I.e. what we have the freedom to do.

And I am still learning the concepts through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Thich Naht Hah, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Bashar, Carl Jung, Abraham Hicks and many others.

So why is self awareness important for the physical ego mind?.

The physical ego mind is an energy structure that consists of identities, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, definitions and sensations.

We use the physical ego mind to perceive the world and put meaning to our experiences.

The challenge in doing this however, is the ongoing changing non stop narrating nature of the physical ego mind before transformation. Attention is pulled into so many different things.

Many give up on aligning perception along the way, but it is possible to go through the healing and transformation of the physical ego mind, to allow the experience that is grounded, emotionally regulated and satisfying on all levels.

Cultivating self awareness is the start of the transformation of the physical ego mind, which also involves healing, integration, therapy, coaching, recovery, Treatment, literature, etc

Self awareness of the physical body would also involve embodiment integration practices, such as movement, yoga, etc

Pure awareness is different. Deeper understanding in the experience of pure awareness requires dedicated spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice involves going beyond, transcending the deep rooted physical ego grip into higher mind, pure awareness. It usually involves meditation, inner inquiry, energy practice, self discovery, reflection etc

Before I cultivated my spiritual practice, which started as a Reiki Energy Practitioner, I focused on my physical ego mind transformation and over decades experienced periods of fulfilment within periods of confusion and depressive states.

Spiritual practice has allowed me recognise true nature, ie, pure awareness, and to cultivate the compassion to transcend the physical ego mind to allow the higher mind to explore life in spontaneous creativity. I am still learning. It is a journey.

Attention of consciousness matters and the compassion to love and allow light.

The physical ego mind resists transcending or what is otherwise known as ego death.

It takes our consistent, persistent daily spiritual practice to push through the grip of the physical ego mind into pure awareness.

This practice even over years, decades is worth it. This is what the spiritual awakening process Is about.

Many of us have experienced the suffering caused by the physical egoic mind, when it is ruling the roost in Low frequency fear based frequencies.

We do not get our very best outcomes that are truly fulfilling when we are selfish, which is the basic nature of the physical ego mind.

We may get some good outcomes when driven by the physical ego mind, but they do not last and they do not feel as good as we had believed they would be.

The truth is that our best outcomes are experiences with others where we are feeling we all share something together.

I have learnt this through thick and thin over decades.

Moments of Deep resonance with others are our best moments, more cherished outcomes.

This is why good teams in sports, business, work, family are so successful

Team work requires the setting aside of the physical ego identity which by its simple nature is focused on self.

As we cultivate self awareness we recognise aspects of self that we heal In different ways, infusing the physical ego mind with unconditional love, compassion, kindness, which raises our vibration and makes way for the higher mind, pure awareness to explore and manifest in our day to day, with less effort and more synchronicity.

It is at this point that we also need to realise the nature of pure awareness and how it moves as intelligent energy force, attention, in our physical reality.

This self realisation, alignment and embodiment is the work I do with my clients in my SMITT Program.


I am an Author, Coach, Mentor, Reiki Medic Practitioner. More about me here

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

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