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Beyond Agitation into Peace

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

In the midst of agitation in the moment, how do you reconnect to ease in that moment wherever you are?

How do you face a challenging moment without fear?

How do you not get carried away with the chaotic stream of fear based thoughts?

These scenarios are familiar to me, to many of us,

So How do we become at peace again?

Some strategies we can use at anytime are:

@To remember to pause and breathe slowly. To count to 5 with in breath, hold and count to 5 with the out breath.

@To self soothe any of your 5 senses. Could be touch: by stroking your hand, listening: to your calm voice or favourite tune, licking: a small mint, looking: at your vision board or empowering image, smell: a whiff of your favourite perfume or a nice scent.

@To Allow a step back into true self, to pause and observe your thoughts, as pure awareness. To Turn attention to and focus on the part of us that is still

The Barriers

Many of us want to feel peace within, but it can be a struggle to self regulate and intentional practice can be exhausting.

And sometimes we are not ready or able to put in the practice to get there.

There are times when we think peace is not possible in certain circumstances.

Or we think we are stuck in only one way of responding.

I encourage you to not give up. Lasting change in how you respond is possible. Be gentle with your self.

As parents, for instance, we do find ourselves over time responding differently to our individual children. We come to understand them and we know what is likely to work best for each of them.

We can respond differently in different close relationships

It is the same thing with agitation or overwhelm, we are not stuck to one way of responding.

Many of us respond to agitation by staying up all night dwelling on it. We are used to doing this, to responding in this way.

Responding to agitation by ruminating on it does not bring peace, connectedness, vitality or happiness for myself and my clients

The agitation itself could be about our own self, a relationship, work or about the wider community/world.

Many times we focus on the concepts involved such as, the morality, inequality, insecurity, poverty etc and as we focus the contrasting concepts we find that they continue to expand… endlessly

We can respond differently and turn our awareness within to our own inner space, to release the barriers to our peace, to Stillness

Everyone’s inner barriers are unique although the common cause is disconnection from stillness

One person’s practice may be to release barriers around attachments to people pleasing and another person’s barriers could be around attachments to person or attachments to childhood trauma. These attachments can be complex.

Intentional practice can involve several modalities to release these attachments, to reconnect and live consciously with stillness.

Stillness is always present within us

And there are easy ways we can practice, to place our attention on stillness

Stillness has the capacity to hold and contain the agitation right in the instant

It is possible to respond differently, to trust, be self compassionate and allow peace as well as your conscious manifestation to happen.


I am an Author, Coach, Mentor, Reiki Medic Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a simple system that transforms your life, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

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