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Belonging is an inside job

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Where do you think you belong?

We often use the word Belonging to describe a relationship with a group, culture etc.

The Cambridge dictionary describes Belonging as a "feeling of being happy or comfortable as part of a particular group and having a good relationship with the other members of the group because they welcome you and accept you".

The general definition of belonging is resonance, identification with something that is external to inner being.

Belonging has become primarily about gender, race, age, ideas, concepts, subjects etc. 

This article is about Belonging being an inside job. It is primarily an inside job. This is not about the illusion of the ego mind. It is about how we come to be aware of the essence, energy thread that is within in the heart space. There is so much of a current within that we do not often feel unless we slow down, pause and attend to the core of our own self. 

This is what spiritual practice is about. Most of what I write is about how we turn our habits of external focus towards the direction of our deeper thoughts, emotions, sensations. 

Where do we truly belong? What happens when we actually turn away from the constant separation in our environment declaring we belong one way or other. 

What happened to me when I began to hold a sense of belonging as my higher self, was that I did not take the separations so personally anymore. 

Whilst there is the human need to acknowledge soul family, ancestral lineage and social structures, it is important to remember the nature of one's sovereignty with Oneness, at the same time.

For me, I find that this gives me more freedom in the way I interact with no need to compare. 

When we come to resonate with Oneness, which is where we belong, we can adapt better to the many social constructs as we go about our business of the day.

We are able to respond to what is presenting to us with less fear and more compassion. 

We can even name a country when we are asked where are you from? We can name a colour when we look at our skin. We can also choose not to name, not to belong. 

We can align from a deeper place of resonance and still get on with our day to day as normal.

The most important thing is the sense of freedom and higher vibration of love. Unless we choose to explore the opposite end of the spectrum. 

We can come to express our self from a deeper place of belonging. 

It does take timing and it takes spiritual practice, of pausing the rhetorics and divisions and dividends of different categories we have placed in our collective consciousness, such that we can experience the explorations of different themes. 

We can come to find a deeper level of emotional resilience that allows us experience the dynamic day to day with more ease and flow. 


I am a Speaker, Coach, Author, Teacher and Energy Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

My work is based on Psychology, Metaphysics, Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing and Light Language Channeling

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