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How to Let Go of Financial Anxiety

Updated: Jan 2

Research has shown that our habits (mental, emotional, psychological, behavioural and spiritual) determine the degree of financial anxiety we have.

One can be very wealthy and still have financial anxiety. It is not about how much money you have, it comes down to the perspectives and the beliefs you hold about money.

Firstly it is important to clarify that being mindful about our finances or how your money is being managed is only natural as money plays a huge role in our lives as the currency of our day to day transactions.

Taking responsibility for our finances is healthy. We may have to take time to learn to do this or it may come naturally to us from observing those around us. Honesty with self is key and willingness to be free of the fear goes a long way to motivate and inspire you in this journey.

Many of us have experienced that ignoring our finances does not help us.

So being mindful is healthy. However staying in a state of anxiety and considering it natural is unhealthy. We can be emotional free around how we perceive money and align with it.

Allow me to share different perspectives that transform financial anxiety.


The first perspective is that money is energy.

Money is energy and a form of abundance we align with and exchange experiences with in different ways in our reality.

Money flows freely and is infinite in its existence just like energy. There is enough to go around. Beliefs about scarcity can be rewired.

The second perspective is that money is an unconditionally loving friend to all. We all have a relationship with money and hold beliefs around this relationship whether we are conscious of these beliefs or not. Beliefs about enmity can be rewired.

It is healthy for the beliefs we have about money to benefit us, our loved ones and the collective.

We can give our own self permission to be more mindful of how we relate and manage money to carry out our day to day transactions in mutually beneficial ways.

The third perspective that helped me align better to the frequency of money was knowing that as I engaged in my passions, I was adding value to my community, to the collective. This helped me align with the universal frequency of abundance, of giving, of love.

Self Worth plays a huge role. In my healing and coaching work, I see how financial anxiety reduces and finances improve for my clients as their self worth and perspectives are transformed.

Many of our beliefs are ancestral and cultural and they play a huge role in how we engage with self, with others, how we perceive money and align with it in healthy ways as the energy beings we are.

As we change our beliefs and persoectives, a time comes when we come to trust that our financial needs will be met because we will be guided by our alignment or non alignment in self awareness.

Many times the thought of embarking on The journey of alignment with the frequency of money can create anxiety. Getting help as is the case for core personal transformation matters.


I define Financial Anxiety as having sustained feelings of stress, fears or panic around finances to the extent that one's health and day to day activities become dysfunctional. It is different from having a concern and taking necessary action.

Actions will include spiritual practice, self care, breathing, relaxation, practicing healthy money habits etc.


Healthy money habits could be buying only what you need and of good value in line with your goals/intentions.

Other key financial habits include Checking your bank account daily, weekly or monthly to keep track of payments and spending. It is healthy to stop paying for something you no longer need and to be open to alternatives of better value for your money.

On any day, there would usually be at least one financial transaction whether incoming or outgoing, the energy and perspectives we hold around these transactions play a big role in how deeply we align to the energy of money as a frequency of abundance.


We get better at understanding of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations, which is Self Awareness and Discernment.

We can come to understand the beliefs driving the anxiety and to reframe them to hold more empowering beliefs.

As we commit to new habits and reframe our beliefs, our behaviour builds trust with the energy of money. This trust is fundamental in our day to day emotional freedom.


In summary, taking responsibility rather than not attending, is vital. It is ok to pay attention to money management by having good habits. When we hold negative perspectives or beliefs such as a belief that "having anxiety about money is ok or even natural", we disempower self. We become less able to perceive the opportunities around us that are there as a natural resource, which is what anxiety does if not healed and transformed.

It is important to hold empowered perspectives and beliefs, to be honest with our own self and to get the help we need to transform our limiting beliefs for reprogrammed psychological or emotional state of being or/and keep up with the financial demands or expectations of our business or home life.

Letting go of Financial Anxiety starts with Self Awareness. As we understand our own thoughts, emotions and sensations, we begin to see the patterns that sabotage our dreams, preferred experiences and can cultivate mental, emotional, behavioural and spiritual habits that align us with our true self, which is abundance.


To cultivate and expand empowering perspectives in deeper self awareness check out the SMITT Emotional Mastery Program as well as the Self Worth Intervention course which is free at the moment on the website when you subscribe for updates

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