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Your Energy Body

Updated: Jan 9

Our totality of being consists of the body, 3 layers in the physical, the spiritual/astral layer and 3 more layer aspects beyond. These 8 layers including the physical body make up our aura.

We have more layers in spirit as the spirit beings we are. The physical body needs our love and compassion.

Energy Practitioners clear and remove the core blocks in entire energy field to activate the energy meridians wherever they are depleted, across time and space to help align deeper with soul purpose, true frequency of love and abundance now.

The impact is felt in their sense of peace, mind clarity, favourable interactions, emotional wellness and much more, at work and at play in All areas of their life.

We are meant to be strong and enjoy life in our best outcomes, feeling great and fulfilled.

The first Five energy layers describe our identities, life and personality.

Mostly energy is described as the ability to do work or in terms of its originating source power, such as electrical energy, thermal energy, solar energy etc. All that we do requires energy, whether it is walking or work operations. We are either using energy or storing it. The food we eat contains energy which we store in our body and use when in our daily activities, as kinetic energy.

However the human body we see in our reflection in the mirror, is only one of our five human energy layers. This article elaborates more on energy layers we do not usually see unless we have harnessed the ability to see them.


The five layers, or energy bodies, comprise the human energy field.

This human energy field can be in balance or out of balance. Our genes, environment, lifestyle, diet, life experiences, etc are contained on the five layers. This is why as energy practitioners, we know that it's not enough to just treat the physical body when people fall sick. The other four layers must be treated as well. Other layers require more advanced energy practice.

These four layers are like concentric spheres around the physical body we see. Our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional characteristics are stored.

You may have heard people say someone has a good or not so good “aura“ about them. Our aura has a feel to it, that others can sense when they are near us and we can sense theirs. Auras are introduced between people when they meet, whether face to face or at a distance, even before a word is uttered.

Physical Energy Layer

Everything is Energy. The first energy layer is the physical body. We are familiar with our physical body characteristics such as our weight, height etc. We can touch our physical body and it is real to us. The other four energy fields surrounding the physical body are not so easily seen unless you have specific skills and abilities. This physical energy layer is the layer where our physical body occupies, consisting of flesh, skin, bone, organs, and blood, which are also energy. Energy Practitioners target this layer for physical body ailments. The more stable, healthy, aligned and grounded our physical body is, the easier it is to access the other higher layers.

Etheric Energy Layer

The second, or etheric, (from the greek word "ether") is located approximately one quarter to one-half inch—but not more than an inch—from the physical body. The etheric energy body is also referred to as the blueprint or holograph of the physical body because it moulds to the physical body, closest to it in its degree of density. Our etheric body sustains our physical body and helps it connect to higher energy layers. The evaluation and balancing of the etheric layer allows for more connection of the physical body to higher consciousness. Energy Practitioners can be heard referring to the pulling stretchy sensation of the etheric energy layer. Kirlian photography is also used to capture images of the etheric energy layer.

Emotional Energy Layer

The emotional energy layer is the third layer of our energy body. This layer is where our emotions, our feelings, triggers and fears are stored. It can be quite volatile when we are experiencing extreme high or low emotions, or if we have suffered some trauma and have deep unresolved issues. Our emotional energy body is unique and separate from the physical body, so we balance the emotional energy layer when dealing with emotional issues.

Mental Energy Layer

This is the fourth layer and is where our thoughts, ideas spring from. Our belief systems are also stored here. This is where our thoughts are assimilated, get sorted and clarified. When our physical body is down, our mental energy body is also affected and it is harder to focus. The connection between the mental energy body and the physical body is improved by transformational practices such as Mindfulness. The balancing of the mental energy layer also improves the physical body.

Spiritual Energy Layer

The spiritual layer of the human energy field is the fifth layer. It is the place where our "consciousness" or "higher awareness" occupies. This fifth layer ties us not only to our past lives but also to Divine Source, to universal consciousness.

The more we can release attachments and blocks in the different layers, using transformational tools and permission slips that work for us, at different times, the more we create space in the layers, less density and higher energy frequency of vibration of freedom in all aspects of our lives.

It is helpful to have an understanding of our energy layers in our aura including the physical body, as we are heal and transform on a daily basis.


Schedule an energy clearing with me to release blocks in your energy field across all layers. Receive an activation to align you more to your true frequency.

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Take the steps you need for your even more fulfilling life.

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