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Daily Soul Bytes

This inspirational book will give you 31 powerful nuggets of empowering perspectives of Higher Self and insightful wisdom to increase familiarity and deeper self awareness with the Higher Self for 4D. The compassionate  connection and embodiment of higher perspectives of Higher Mind, such as gratitude, love, forgiveness etc helps us navigate some of the world's most pressing yet necessary bits of life!

We all dream of a life that invigorates us, one that is fulfilling, free from worry, and balanced in every aspect - financially, mentally and health wise., This is the 4D existence.

Life comes in many flavours with ups and downs, Learning to align to higher frequencies, empowering perspectives is key to remain neutral and navigate through..

Daily Soul Bytes is exactly what we need in these times!

Click the Video to Listen to an excerpt from LOVE Soul Bytes, one of the 31 Soul Bytes,

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Awaken & Lead as True Self with Unconditional Love

My journey into Emotional Mastery started at 18, when the seed about two selfs was planted in my mind. Inspired by the teachings of Psychologist Carl Rogers and Ramana Maharashi, I cultivated my understanding and knowledge of True Self using a range of modalities via trainings with several teachers and mentors. My passion is to facilitate deeper connections with awareness and higher conscious living, through stillness, emotional intelligence and compassionate inner inquiry. I support my clients to cultivate loving relationships with self and others, using powerful modalities of energy healing and gentle inner inquiry, the signature SMITT program and courses. The support is ongoing via my Daily Soul Bytes book, You Tube videos and blog articles to transform mind and deepen spiritual practice on the spiritual awakening journey. 

Bola Abimbola MBA 

BSc. Psychology, The Self Awareness Doyen,

Author of Daily Soul Bytes book

Coach, Energy Practitioner,
Creator of SMITT Emotional Mastery System.


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"Bola, your voice is incredible!! Your English accent is so soothing and persuasive! It is hard to imagine that you were once a stammerer! I have a brother who stammers and he is coming on your program! Well done! I looked forward to our sessions. Your wisdom, compassion, authenticity and expertise is amazing!. You know your stuff. I just want to listen to you forever! I bought your subliminal audio course, just so you know. Thank you so much for your work!!.

~E Ray, London UK  

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