Let your Heart lead you to embrace your Soul Centered Life

Managing her emotions was something Bola had to do from childhood as a stutterer. She quickly learnt with the support of her father, (who was also a stutterer and a Barrister at Law), before the age of five, that the only way to stutter (or stammer) less, to talk, communicate and express herself coherently was to manage her emotions. As a parent of a now young man with autism and complex health needs, she also cultivated emotional resilience managing the day to day mental and emotional overwhelm. She discovered that being calm led to best outcomes for her home and business. This all led to her spiritual awakening and the nuts and bolts of her work in Emotional Intelligence.

Bola Abimbola is a Clarity & Emotional Freedom Coach, Certified Trauma Coach & Reiki Medic Care Practitioner. She empowers leaders & coaches step forward, to lead intuitively and extraordinarily, without inner limits, in their field & teams, with clarity and high emotional intelligence, living their soulful authentic lives in business and relationships.


As a BSc Psychology graduate and with over 20 years in the field of psychology, stress and trauma in community care and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, she is a expert in Emotional Intelligence and developed her “Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation” (SMITT) system to empower leaders from all walks of life to cultivate self awareness and release inner limits for their soulful authentic lives.

SMITT incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy, stillness, meditation, trauma recovery and neuroplasticity to cultivate emotional freedom, emotional intelligence, intuitive confidence and resilience, to improve the quality of relationship with self as well as communication and interaction in business and relationships.

Bola is a Teacher at the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). A Speaker, Writer, SEND Leader & also CEO and Founder of Soulspace Healing. She hosts the "Living Daily in Worthiness & Authenticity" podcast.

She has published articles on psychology and transformation. In Dec 2020, she co-authored "Effective Support and Education of Autistic Young People" focusing on Emotional Intelligence.

She lives in London, UK with her family and enjoys Pilates, Adyashanti gatherings, stories, mentoring and nature.


"Bola, your voice is incredible!! Your English accent is so soothing and persuasive! It is hard to imagine that you were once a stammerer! I have a brother who stammers and he is coming on your program! Well done! I looked forward to our sessions. Your wisdom, compassion, authenticity and expertise is amazing!. You know your stuff. I just want to listen to you forever! I bought your subliminal audio course, just so you know. Thank you so much for your work!!.

~E Ray, London UK  

Monthly  Meditation & Intuitive Leadership Development program

What is "Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation?" (SMITT)

If you want more self acceptance, ease,  flow and intuitive leadership confidence, 

this 12 month online live video group program is for you.  

I guide you through the SMITT system process, to find and release inner limits and hold more mental, emotional clarity as well as authentic connection to your soul truth.

You cultivate a deeper heart mind connection and intuitive confidence in your business & relationships.

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Step 1


Learning to understand past trauma, and to release any fear that surrounds past events


Step 2

Connecting with deepest feelings and emotions, understand unhelpful conditioning , for more emotional freedom and emotional intelligence.


Step 3

Cultivate a deeper connection to your heart, higher self, listen to your aligned thoughts, bringing about a new sense of inner peace and tranquility


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