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“Mind Clarity

in 3 steps”

Unexpected events can be joyful or traumatic and each and everyone of us responds differently over varying amounts of time.


If the event is traumatic, it is very important to be aware of your progress over any given time.


In order to successfully move forward there are 3 steps that can be tailored to your particular needs using transformational tools that help you become more consciously aware of the transitions you are experiencing and adapting as required.


“You've been a great source of encouragement for me Bola in your quiet way! It has taken me a long time to believe that I deserve the good things that life has to offer, and that I have something to offer others! Know that you have had a part in this transformation for me! Xoxo” ~ C.S., USA

Step 1


Here you will learn to focus less on the trauma which initially pre-occupies your mind and learn to release any fear that surrounds the event


Step 2

This is where you will learn to connect with your deepest feelings and emotions and communicate with your inner mind bringing you peace and tranquillity.


Step 3

Here you will learn how to define what is most important to you NOW. You will reinforce your beliefs and learn to listen to your thoughts bringing about a new sense of fulfilment and self-confidence

Your guide through this process is BOLA, who will help you find and release the root barriers blocking mental and emotional clarity as well as authentic connection to your soul truth. The steps are more cyclical than linear and  the right support is needed in order to move forward.

Book a chat here now to learn more about how to obtain true peace of mind and also the release you desire from the shackles caused by past and current traumatic experiences.

Bola Abimbola MBA MBPsS CTRC 

Bola Abimbola is a Clarity Coach, Intuitive Transformational Life Coach, Certified Trauma Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner, who empowers people who suffer from anxiety to rewire their brains, improve their wellbeing, and reclaim their authentic lives. Bola has worked in the field of stress and trauma for over 20 years and has developed the “Soulspace Method for Transformation” (SMT). SMT incorporates mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience to improve your emotional regulation, window of tolerance and resilience. A healthy window of tolerance and resilience are huge factors when it comes to success at work, in business and in personal relationships.


Bola is a Teacher at the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). She is Speaker,  SEND Advocate & also the Founder of Soulspace Healing. She hosts the Living Daily in Worthiness & Authenticity podcast.​ 

To learn more and work with Bola, you can book a free call here

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Always consult your physician prior to using transformational tools