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Using the Law of Attraction

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Manifesting your authentic next level just became easier.

Every next level in your life will demand a different version of you.

We transform, grow, evolve, expand to one level and then we do it all over again for the next level.

Next levels could be a new project, bigger promotion, more financial freedom, better health, improved relationships, new relationship, new car, home, city etc. The Next Level for every person is unique.

Change is constant in our life. We may or may not be self aware of how we are changing. The changes within us happen slowly or rapidly depending on the process, experience or tool involved.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract whatever we focus on the most, i.e. Our most dominant frequency, whether positive or negative. This is why Self awareness, Transformation and Clarity are key to manifesting your next level, your ideal reality.

✅ Self awareness increases as we pay attention and reflect on our experiences. There are times you say to yourself, “I thought I had dealt with this issue”. Yes you did deal with it, but only to the degree that was possible at that time, to get you to that next level.

✅ Transformation is about Layers of resistance getting released in the present. We adjust to one level, identify more of what we want or not want in our life, we grow, evolve and are ready for the next level. Transformation involves the use of some tool or modality to help with the release. This transformation cycle is ongoing in our lives and is contained in all forms of our creative self expression.

✅ Clarity is key. With release, reflection and self inquiry, we come to gain more clarity about what we are focusing on and how our dominant frequency is impacting on our reality, the experiences we are having.

As we pay more attention to our present experiences and release the resistance (unhelpful beliefs/energy imprints) in our mind body spirit, we become clearer about our next level.

This clarity has to be in all aspects of us, I.e total mind body spirit alignment. Our focus becomes our most dominant inner frequency.

You can enjoy as well as use your present experiences to understand what is working and what is unhelpful. You heal and release unhelpful imprints, whether somatic, emotional, mental or energetic, to come to understand your true purpose and vision with sharper clarity.

Being fully present is about valuing what the present experience holds for you and using it to clarify your vision, sensations that attract your next level.


I am a Clarity and Emotional Freedom Coach. I empower you to cultivate emotional mastery. learn more about my Courses and programs here

Take the steps you need for your even more fulfilling life.

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