Trauma Recovery in Steps

How to recover and move on from trauma involves key steps.

Unexpected events can be joyful or traumatic. When they are traumatic, we respond in different ways over varying times. Each person in their own way. It is helpful to be aware of how we are progressing over time.

When an unexpected event occurs, we are initially in shock and will fight, freeze, flight, flop, friend our way through, as our response to the traumatic event over time, could be moments, days, weeks, months or years. Moving forward requires us going through steps, using transformational tools, permission slips, that resonate with us as individuals. We are changing all the time, either subconsciously or consciously. Many times we do not notice the changes as they are slight. It can be helpful to understand the steps we go through as we recover, transform and transcend.

The first step is MINDFUL FOCUS. It is important to lean into your thoughts, beliefs, into what you are focusing on. Our thoughts about the event and its impact on our emotions or relationships can seem out of control to start with, but it is possible to move forward. You can begin to allow the event to be, not trying to control it. You can gradually not focus on the event itself and keep releasing the fear of the event itself.

The second step is RADICAL DETACHMENT where you learn to lean into your feelings, your emotions. You begin to learn about the changes in yourself and learn to trust yourself again. You step back from the event itself and release the fears stopping you from having a deeper relationship with your Higher Mind.

The third step, AUTHENTIC SOUL CONNECTION is where you learn about what is most important to you now, the thoughts, feelings, patterns that are most fulfilling, peaceful, exciting, positive for you. You begin to reinforce your own preferred thought definitions and beliefs. As you do this, your authenticity grows, your alignment with your truth deepens and you create opportunities for new action.

The steps are more cyclical than linear. It can be easier to reflect with another person we trust will unconditionally support us and help us move forward.

I am a spiritually connected Transformational Life Coach and a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (IAOTRC). I help you find and release the root barriers blocking clarity and more authentic connection to your soul truth.


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