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The Path to Blissful Aspirations

Updated: May 8, 2023

Clarifying what bliss means for you.

As we focus on achieving higher success, higher levels in our dreams, a time comes that we want to achieve higher next levels, though with more ease, flow and bliss,

We want less stress and drama in our work and personal lives.

We want to achieve success not just for our own self but for others as well.

Our aspirations change and this requires us to shift, transform some part/ aspect of us.

As we make the decision to change, we initially experience worse, even opposite of what we really desire

This can happen no matter how many years of personal transformation.

for instance experiencing redundancy just after signing up gym membership

There is that initial chaos that seems to challenge our audacity to seek change.

Many may have experienced these painful moments

Moments of panic, fear, chaos, discomfort or distress, Dis-ease etc. just when we desired something different, more preferred.

Those brief or long moments when we first become self aware of the chaos is key.

That moment we get a sense, notion that we are not ok, that something is not right.

We can “dismiss“ the fact that we are in a conflict or we can “accept” the conflict. This takes Practice.

Cultivating acceptance, the acceptance of what we are going through is key.

We have garnered from research that non attachment through acceptance to the experience leads to breakthrough. Examples are Elizabeth Kubler Ross stages of grief with acceptance as the latter stage.

To be aware of the chaos/contrast/conflict, face the fact that we are going through it and then gradually discern: whether to get focus and follow the chaos or to pause and realign with true values, purpose perceptions of abundance.

An example for instance, to get embroiled with a redundancy which truly can be overwhelming or to pause to align to possibilities or other desire.

Being quick to pause and remember our other aspiration (s), core values matters.

The process of becoming our true authentic limitless self requires us to be aware of what we are going through and realign if we need to.

It helps To pause and get a deeper understanding/ find meaning and acceptance in it all.

It is on the path of acceptance, that we find joy, happiness, bliss.

Allowing ourselves to get deeper cues of what bliss is for us.

What is bliss for one person is not bliss for another or even for the same person, further up the line.

Bliss could be a life without much reflection, just going with the flow, with the next news, or next job, next degree, next buzz in fashion, human rights trend, day to day and it goes on etc.

There is nothing absurd or wrong about this “flow” of life. It could be liberating.

Bliss could be a life with clarified purpose, Intuition and alignment with true authentic self. This life also has its “flow”.

Our bliss is our choice at the end of the day.

Every person has their own definition of bliss.

Take time to define your bliss.

There is no right or wrong.

Being in the flow is what matters

Our bliss requires us to surrender to the flow

To release doubts, to trust, to let go of the conflict.

Through self awareness, self acceptance, we come to experience whatever our bliss is.

Getting help in this process, surrounded by those who continue to make the process possible, believable and easier matters.

I work with my clients to help go through conflict in changes for deeper bliss


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If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

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