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The Learning Success Mindset

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We get the best out of our daily experiences when we become comfortable with learning. When we feel pressure to know it all, we end up with a Fixed Mindset which causes us to have one absoulute view. It becomes so important to be socially appropriate, to look a certain way, talk a certain way, sound a certain way.

This perpetuates the perfectionist mal-adaptive coping mechanism. You want to look smart at whatever cost, You resist feedback from another and consider it criticism and negative. You are constantly wanting to avoid pitfalls and any steps backwards as you have been conditioned to consider them failures. You find yourself having a tendency to give up quickly on a plan that is looking awkward, without giving yourself time to improve on the plan. I went through this for many years as a perfectionist and learnt to retrain my mind to allow for a learning growth mindset.

As you retrain your mind with empowering thoughts and beliefs, you begin to have a growth mindset. You feel you are always learning and that this is ok. You may observe and even act out what is considered appropriate where you are, but you hold a belief that there is more than one absolute way. You are more open minded. There is an inner celebration for the success of others as they inspire you and give you insight. You are open to new things which may even be challenging at first, out of your comfort zone. You embrace challenge and keep moving forward regardless of setbacks. You see effort as practice and learn from any feedback even what others may consider criticism, as you consider that you are practicing on a path to mastery.

A growth learning mindset allows for you seeing parts of yourself. Your different subpersonas/ego selfs and how they play out. You allow for even higher levels of success in all areas of your life and you possess a greater sense of free will and freedom. This mindset allows you to fulfill your fuller potential.


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