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Separation from True Essence - The Transmutation of the Core Trauma

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I realized over the years that trauma is very real in the mind and body.

The triggers seem never ending. The narrative in the mind is ongoing.

Accepting this was so key.

Also I understand that there is no trauma in spirit. In our true essence.

This is not a religious thing. It is based on neuroscience, bio genetics, spirituality and metaphysical studies.

There is an essence of being that is who we truly are, that has no trauma.

This essence of being wants nothing, thinks nothing, desires nothing, nothing at all.

This essence of being acts from intuition from a place of abundance.

It is a unique part of God, Universal Energy, or whatever name one gives to Infinite Intelligence.

The trauma in the mind body is real.

The abuse, killings, divorces, lack, deaths, fear, shame, anger, all these are caused by trauma and cause more trauma, persisting in the mind body, in our personal lives.

It all seems endless in our personal lives. Ups and downs, different levels.

Experiences such as the end of world, to fuel crisis, to virus, to pandemic, to gun shootings, wars, displacements, strife, etc. the trauma in the collective seems endless.

Life has a great deal of beauty and love that can be grasped, held, enjoyed for a while, a long while even, though interrupted by the triggers and stories that come.

It is a huge drama, bigger than our imaginations could fathom at times.

Then through transmutation, there is the realisation of one thing

That there is no trauma in Universal Intelligence, in pure awareness.

That unconditional love exists and is endless within.

Truly endless and real.

Over the years I have focused on the trauma in the mind body primarily.

A time came for me over the last year, to understand that the feeling and in fact real disconnection of the traumatised mind body from Universal Intelligence was a trauma all on its own.

I now call this core trauma “The Trauma of Separation from True Essence”

“The healing and transmutation of this core trauma in our being, the resolution of this separation and disconnection from our imperishable consciousness, our limitless essence, is key to the quality of our life experiences”.

Experiences of how we relate to our own self and to others, our emotional intelligence, mental health, abundance and well-being can shift beyond our wildest dreams.

As this core trauma is transmuted, we can experience higher frequencies of love, peace, grace, goodwill, synchronicities.

Where we place our attention matters

What we focus on, whether it is the mind body or on awareness.

The practices, strategies, of adopting these higher frequencies of awareness is what I now share.

The healing and transmutation of the trauma of separation from our true essence is my work I do with clients through my program.

It is always a passion to share reflections with those who resonate

Feel free to check out my website:


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