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Sovereign Surrender

How do we stay in our sovereign state of being and surrender to being guided intuitively.

We are sovereign beings, each of us a unique part of the same consciousness, of ONENESS.

We are constantly shifting within ourselves and we observe changes reflected to us from around us.

Yes Life is constantly shifting because we ourselves are constantly shifting with our own thoughts and ideas.

The different aspects of our own life, whether spiritually, health, economic, career, relationships keep changing all the time. Could be exciting but it could also be quite tricky to push through these changes.

I am aware of the many changes I have experienced in my own life. Many things happen and we change in many ways, ongoing. However change still remains a challenging idea and experience for many of us.

We are sovereign beings, meaning we have free will and are only subject to what we have consented to. It is important to remember that this consent may be suppressed or may very well no longer be relevant to us in the present. We can take back consent as we see fit. This is the deeper aspect of personal sovereignty which I will write more about soon.

We are sovereign beings and in every instant, we have the freedom to express our thoughts, ideas for the highest good.

As we are experiencing changes, we can react in the way that feels more aligned to what we have come to value the most.

Taking time to understand our own self matters, with compassion. It is about self-awareness.

The freedom to embrace the many changes we are experiencing within and around, near or far, can be elusive, because we are getting to understand our own self better.

We can sometimes doubt our sovereign power and experience a fluttering of discomfort when we encounter the unfamiliar in our senses.

This article shares insights about us living through the changes in life, in more ease and flow, in high frequencies.

It is not as easy as it may sound.

I really believe that embracing changes, the unknown is important in the spiritual awakening process, which is our understanding of the true spiritual beings we are and how we emerge free, from the duality of the physical reality we live in.

The spiritual awakening process is a fundamental human life experience, involving many changes, deepening one's understanding of self, (true self and the physical egoic self). Many of these changes emerge after a dark period or a "dark night of the soul".

One of the things I have learnt is that there are many dark nights of the soul, which could range in intensity from a prolonged headache to a detention stay in some restricted facility. The type of experience depends on what the individual path embeds within it. We all have our fair portions of dark periods.

I think we can come to respond differently, with calm compassionate intuitiveness and knowing, to our dark nights of the soul.

These moments can come in a flash, that shake us to our core, leave us feeling helpless and victimised. Sometimes bringing up memories of past or from the unknown.

How can we come to respond to these moments as sovereign beings?

The thing is that All moments, these low frequency moments along with the joyful wonderful high frequency moments, all help us evolve.

How we come to respond to whatever comes, all these moments, seasons, transitions, changes is key.

Self awareness to sense the shadow when you have been experiencing love and light is a fundamental human skill. Being able to sense when your state of being is changing, the subtle frequencies, more and more. And then being able to respond in a way that serves your highest good.

When I have had a wonderful season, such as 20mins of deep meaningful connection with my son, living with autism, or could be a great 2 months with clients on my program, I get unsettled at sudden perceptions of a tiny pattern of hick ups, near misses, delayed response etc.

In the instant, there may be a temporary forgetfulness of sovereign power. I get that too. This is fine. Then the choice is made in the moment for the next step.

The response we make when we sense our subtle frequencies, in the moment, how we choose to respond, determines the next moment.

For instance, the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or in a rival gangster zone, could bring up many reactions in a flash. The choice to stay on the positive expectation, neutral or fearful expectation is ours. The possibilities are infinite ranging from a helpful car mechanic nearby, time to wait in quiet for help to come, or drama of sorts kicking off. Yes all these possibilities exist.

The question is which one possibility is our most dominant frequency?

It may feel like we do not have choices. In fact studies have shown that the helplessness we often feel has been learnt from birth through social conditioning and personal reinforcing.

We can come to condition ourselves again to know we have choice, to remember to make use of this personal power and to be aligned to the Godforce which is what that power is.

To not just do this once in a while, but to make it a priority in thoughts, mind, deeds, to value this alignment to Godforce, to our true own self, access guidance and expands our ability to manifest our abundant reality for highest good.

Our sovereignty is a constant. For myself, coming to true self realisation, (through spiritual practice), that I am only aligning to deeper aspects of my own self, I could surrender with ease and flow.

It matters to be kind and gentle in our spiritual practice.

We can choose more and more consciously to align in deeper surrender to our own sovereignty as the sovereign beings we already are.


I am a Speaker, Coach, Author, Teacher and Energy Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

My work is based on Psychology, Metaphysics, Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing and Light Language Channeling

Access my free resources toolkit here

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