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Clarity - Towards Manifestation

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

21st July 2018

When we become totally, as in one hundred percent clear about something, about anything, it manifests as a reality in our physical existence. This includes all positive and not so positive things. The things we have at this present time are with us because they are what we are totally clear about. We are totally clear that they are what we deserve, what we are able to handle, what is best for us. If for any reason we want something different, then we can allow a shift in our clarity about it. Shifts can happen in an instant or in some time, hours, days or years. We can achieve our shifts in clarity through conscious release of unhelpful thoughts, feelings or conditioning, during our own personal development practices. We also have shifts happening naturally spontaneously without any conscious effort. We suddenly see a change in our physical experience, because a shift in clarity has occurred at a subconscious level.

For instance, having a disappointment in a business or personal transaction can bring instant clarity in our perceptions about some aspect of the business or relationships, without much conscious reflection. The importance of clarity relates to all aspects of our lives. For instance we may want more financial prosperity, but hold a belief that being financially rich can only be good when the money is earned in a particular way. We may be critical of even those who have certain amounts of money, job or process. We tend to also apply these judgements towards our own selves. It is more helpful for us to stay open and release all judgements. The judgements, values and perceptions often create inner conflict as they often contradict each other. The inner conflict would include shame, anger, unforgiveness, sadness etc. Ambiguity within us delays clarity.

We come to realise that, all we need is time to increase clarity about what we want. We can go with the flow of life trusting that our intentions are set towards becoming our best self, our least dense ego self, our deepest connection to our spiritual self, towards our divine purpose. We can trust that our day to day experiences affect our shift towards sharper clarity and allow increasing self compassion within us. We can increase our clarity knowing that each experience whether positive or not so positive is providing information of what we want more of or less of in our lives. We can develop more acceptance of the notion that we deserve the best life has to offer. We can even embrace a vision of the best possible life we could live. The choice is ours. We decide what we allow to manifest in our lives.

The first place to start is to actually feel the gratitude for the current existence. As we look on the positive aspects of our lives we are stating what we are clear about within our lives. We are re affirming on a very conscious level the aspects of our lives that we have co-created with Divine Source, with God. We are increasing in trust and surrender. We get what we ask for, what we allow ourselves to receive, what we have become totally clear and at peace about.

One trait that many successful persons have is their unshakeable belief and total clarity in key aspects of who they are and about their lives. When next, we think we are missing out on something, we can realise that it is already on the way and once we are totally clear about it, once we release all resistance to it, we will experience it on the physical plane. We sometimes need help with reflecting and identifying our own resistance and ambiguities, so coaching, therapy etc can be useful.

As we continue to be kind to ourselves doing good self care and releasing resistance, we develop the clarity that allows us to co-create experiences of our best selves, according to our Divine Purpose.


I am a Clarity and Emotional Freedom Coach. I empower you to cultivate emotional mastery. learn more about my Courses and programs here

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