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Aligning to Abundance

Updated: May 10, 2023

Embodying deeper into the energy of abundance in all its forms.

Abundance is our true nature and there are many forms, physical manifestations of the true energy essence of Abundance.

Our experience of abundance is a matter of expanding and aligning our perception of how abundance is showing up in our life.

We may not fully realise what forms we have signed up for as life themes or are signing up for due to unconscious or subconscious imprints and intentions.

We are constantly exploring as different life themes in our reality, such as patience, peacemaker, control, poverty, justice. There are a gazillion life themes are explore over our lifetime.

This article shares the different forms, manifestations of abundance and how to align more to your true abundance nature, clearing energy blocks as you explore themes, in your day to day and letting go of resistance to the energy of abundance.

Our beliefs about abundance are key and can be conflicting to start with. This conflict within can be resolved. This is what I do with clients in my Emotional Mastery Program.

We may actually not be seeking abundance in the way the world is conditioning us to seek it. Our heart may be seeking different form(s) of abundance compared to our mind. Coming to understand our egoic beliefs compared to our heart felt beliefs is key.

We already hold the energy of abundance within, but feel separated from it, as is usual in the dualistic nature of the earth experience.

The internal conflict we often feel could be resolved by becoming more aware and opening up to different forms of abundance around us.

According to Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka, there are five forms of Abundance namely Money, Trade by Barter, Gift Giving, Synchronicity, Imagination.

Money is the most common form of abundance. Having the finances to meet needs and goals.

Trade by Barter is the exchange of goods, services based on mutual resonance or matching of wants and needs. One person doing a service for another and getting served in return, under mutual convenience. For instance providing health service or energy healing for your driver or car mechanic, solely on the basis of mutual value of skills without critical judgement.

Gift Giving is the abundance of having a fuller cup to share and can be an item of value, words or deed.

Synchronicity is when an external event mirrors an internal thought without any attributory cause. For instance suddenly finding a free parking space whilst driving and thinking of finding parking. Thinking of a person and then that person calls in that instant. Synchronicity is the abundance of having our inner thoughts closely match our outer reality experience.

Imagination is having creative ability to hold ideas, images in the mental mind, that were not present beforehand. These ideas, images are usually new to us and suddenly emerge is the mental mind, could be after watching or hearing something or seemingly out of nowhere. For instance artists, writers, artisans have a lot of imagination and with creative freedom can harness this abundance in their lives.

These are five forms of abundance that we are all already familiar with. We are constantly engaging, manifesting all these forms at different points in time. Whether we are at home or work, we are engaging in these forms and aligning though may not be doing it consciously to really expand our experiences of abundance.

We can engage in all five in equal measure or a few at a time. We may place more emphasis on one more than the other but it is important to be more consciously aware of them all so we are not resisting the energy of abundance in our lives.

For instance, being with our children as parents, we are experiencing the many forms such as giving gifts, synchronicity, imagination, and money. As we focus, we open up and allow these forms, we align deeper to the energy of abundance.

Our Soulprint does not see one form of abundance as right or wrong. They are all part of the flow of energy.

All forms of abundance hold the same energy of abundance

Becoming more conscious of what form we are experiencing and how we are responding to the experiences, openly or with reservation, we have more or less ease and flow of abundance in general.

As we understand and focus on how abundance is showing up for us, we align more to the energy of abundance within us and around us.

Abundance is a process of allowing thoughts of unconditional love and acceptance. Expanding on these thoughts and beliefs is fundamental to the flow of the energy abundance.

The more we resonate and dwell in unconditional love and acceptance, the more we also open up to engaging in all forms of abundance, as our themes shift.

The process starts with being self aware, being more conscious, of the limiting blocks within us by using modalities, transformation tools, that work for our highest good.

Love, Light, Abundance are our true energy essence. Here is to ongoing deeper alignment to our true essence as we engage in, expand our perceptions, in these forms, physical manifestations, actions, in our day to day.

The bottom line is to expand our perceptions and align deeper to all forms of abundance by releasing illusionary thoughts of lack and separation using transformational modalities that work for us such as, energy healing, light language activations, hypnosis, inner inquiry, meditation etc.

This article is to encourage us to identify and release fear based beliefs of lack, so we can embody deeper unconditional love and perceive the energy of abundance, our true essence within and around us.


I am a Speaker, Coach, Author, Teacher and Energy Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

My work is based on Psychology, Metaphysics, Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing and Light Language Channeling

Access my free resources toolkit here

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