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Having a new reality

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Our environment is our reality. It is changing all the time and we are shifting through different realities all the time.

Yes we are always experiencing new realities. This article is about doing it more consciously, which is required for bigger shifts. Sometimes we desire or are being called to a bigger change, a greater shift in our reality than normal. If this resonate, then this article is for you.

Consciously shifting our reality, requires the total release of the fear of being different, of change, of standing out, of being unique. We move through and transform the limits within to embrace and enjoy our unique more authentic true self.

Our individual perceptions of our environment, of our reality, are ours alone, even though we often desire having similarities with others around us.

It is ok to want others to have similar experiences, realities, to desire to do things together with others, in a familiar way.

It is easier to feel accepted, liked and loved when we feel similar, familiar to whatever is around us. We often would rather not stand alone, even if what is happening does not resonate with us.

This is often why detachment is a struggle for many of us.

However having a new reality requires us to acknowledge how unique we are and even more so to have a detachment to what is outside of us.

Our bigger reality shifts require detachment.

Having a new reality requires us to sense, know and accept the different aspects of our own selves, unconditionally, no matter what else is going on. This is detachment.

No matter what we feel we deserve or what we may have done or said. Self acceptance is Important: seeing and accepting your similarities as well as the differences with others, and holding no judgement about what you are perceiving. In our day to day, we can learn to stand back, detach and observe more.

A group of people at an event will experience the event in similar and yet different ways depending on which thoughts and feelings they hold.

Two individuals holding the same dominant thoughts and emotions may perceive and experience an event in similar ways, yes, similar, but also different. This is ok. For example, a group of people watching a game and feeling excitement will be at similar energy vibration frequencies, but the total interpretation of the experience will differ for each person. This is natural.

Diverse thoughts in the group will exist such as “am happy my team won”, “am not happy my team lost”, “am not bothered about the teams, am more focused on the way the game was played”, “my team is on a winning streak”, ”my team is on a losing streak“ etc. The dominant thoughts going through each person’s mind, because of their own interests, goals, path and projectory would be similar in some aspects and different in others, though they are all at the same event.

Depending on the dominant preferences, perceptions and thoughts of each person, the total personal experience will differ for each person.

No two people are the same in their experiences, although we are all of the same universal particle, experiencing life from all possible angles.

In order to have your new bigger reality, It is helpful to make room and even enjoy, your own unique angles and themes of life. To lean away from the compulsion of wanting to be similar or familiar with others. This is not about being divisive, in conflict or antagonistic. Detachment is about self-awareness, releasing fear and being more open to our own true self expressions, aligned with Higher Mind, with Divine Source.

Allowing for our new realities requires detachment.

Consequently, as we become willing to embrace our uniqueness, we find ways to express more aspects of our own self creatively, to take action, for instance through technology, nurturing another, teaching, design, art, healing, music, coaching, writing, talking, dancing, prayer, meditation, walking, etc. Taking some action crystalises our new reality. Our self expression helps us to stay open, vulnerable, to own all unique aspects of who we are.

The key to having new bigger shifts in reality is to open up more to allow more of your own self to be experienced, to embrace your true self and your expanded preferences.

Our bigger shifts into new preferred realities happen as we let go of attachments that no longer serve us and limit us. We become comfortable with our unique beliefs that serve us. We hold no reservation about the unique preferences of our true self. From this place of enjoyment, of high vibration, we do shift into our new reality.


I am a Speaker, Coach, Author, Teacher and Energy Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

My work is based on Psychology, Metaphysics, Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing and Light Language Channeling

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