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Updated: Mar 22

Everyone perceives their environment, their life, their reality differently. This difference in perception is natural as is the desire for sameness. Accepting difference, truly becoming at ease with things being different, makes it easier to change, to have a new reality.

Many of us find that we prefer to feel the same as others. It is easier to be accepted, liked and loved when we are similar, so the feeling of being different, has to be adjusted to, with reflection. The degree to which we are able to adjust to our differences with others is the degree to which we adjust to differences within our own selves.

A group of people at an event will experience the event in similar and yet different ways depending on which thoughts and feelings they hold. This is natural.

Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations which are bouncing at different frequencies, with fear being at the lowest frequency of vibration and passion, excitement being highest. There are a wide range of thoughts and emotions within us, which is natural, sometimes awkward and conflicting, which too is natural. We learn to feel ok with this conflict and still move forward, enjoy our experiences as best we can and live our best lives.

We can learn to adjust to changes outside of us, even uncomfortable, limiting changes and carry on with feeling safe. We can learn to feel the conflict, our own vulnerability and to know that we can let it go and change. We can be different. We are already different from others. No two people are the same in their experiences. We are all of the same universal particle, experiencing life from all possible angles . This is natural and it is ok.

Two individuals holding the same dominant thoughts and emotions may perceive and experience an event in similar ways, yes, similar, but also different. This is ok. For example, a group of people watching a game and feeling excitement will be at similar energy vibration frequencies, but the total interpretation of the experience will differ for each person. This is natural.

Diverse thoughts will exist such as “am happy my team won”, “am not happy my team lost”, “am not bothered about the teams, am more focused on the way the game was played”, “my team is on a winning streak”, ”my team is on a losing streak“ etc. The dominant thoughts going through each person’s mind, because of their own interests, goals, path and projectory would be similar in some aspects and different in others, though they are all at the same event. This is natural.

Depending on the dominant preferences, perceptions and thoughts of each person, the total personal experience will be diverse. It is helpful to make room for and embrace this difference, as it opens us up to experience changes in our own selfs and our lives more. We learn to be more open to changes, to differences, to new levels, new lives, new realities.

Our next levels require our learning to be comfortable with changes in our current present reality, even in an instant. These changes are in what we think and feel is good and safe for us.

We can unlearn what we have learnt that no longer works for us.

Unlearning, letting go requires us to be willing to expose ourself, to be vulnerable. It is easier to let go of aspects of yourself that you have learnt to express, to expose, rather than aspects of yourself that you have hidden away, even from your own self.

Keeping aspects of yourself hidden makes letting go harder. Finding ways to express these hidden aspects through listening to music, writing, talking, dancing, prayer, meditation, walking, breathing, crying etc heals us and helps us to be vulnerable, to let these old redundant aspects go. We know and feel when it is time to do this. Trust yourself.

We are often inclined to display perfection and strength, which is natural. However the key to having a new reality is to open up to allow our own vulnerability to be experienced, knowing that it allows you to be free to change.

As we open up to become more vulnerable in our own space, we find that our more stubborn inner patterns and habits start to change.

As we open up, we notice, hear more of the thoughts we are holding on to more clearly. We hear our thoughts, act out our beliefs and notice the ones we need to let go of.

We can hold on to beliefs that feel good, easier and lighter, the ones that feel less heavy. We can hold on to beliefs of what is good for us or what is best for us. Our beliefs, our thoughts determine our reality, what we continue to experience and what changes. We perceive and experience what we believe is possible and worthy of us.

Change happens as we let go of attachments, definitions, beliefs that will not serve our preferred lives, our next level.

As we release and detach from embedded limiting beliefs, we connect more to our divine source, in the interpretation that resonates with us.

This connection unleashes our authentic self creating our next level.

I am a Transformational Life Coach. I work with you to encourage you to express your vulnerability, to open your heart.

I empower you to courageously and compassionately:

✅identify your core beliefs now

✅ clarify what no longer serves you

✅ detach from what you need to unlearn.

✅ connect to your deeper soul desires and passion

✅ step into and walk in your new levels confidently

In my program, I guide you through the steps to learn how to UNLEASH YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF and to embrace who you really are for your next passionate reality.


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