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Financial Freedom and Inner Clarity

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Financial Freedom and Inner Clarity

6th August 2018

The extent of our financial freedom is related to our own degree of ease and inner clarity about money. We may have come to believe that once we have lots of money and are rich we will have financial freedom and even inner peace. However being rich is different from being financially free. Some have said that it is even more difficult to be financial free after attaining financial riches.

We are all conditioned to study and work hard to earn a regular income and move up the ladder through promotion. As we work harder, we obtain more responsibility and in some instances with the regular pay and mindful personal money management, one can attain lots of money. This money is used to maintain a desired lifestyle.

Being financially free is about being able to maintain the desired lifestyle without a regular pay check, being able to take some time off, change careers, travel the world, start a business, simply having the freedom to choose what to do or not do. The thought of this concept may bring up some fear or trepidation in us. This is because of the conditioning described above which may or may not be helpful to some of us especially if we desire some degree of financial freedom.

Financial freedom comes in degrees, from having no freedom at all relying totally on a monthly pay-check to pay the bills and maintain one's preferred lifestyle. Then there is the process of spending less of one's income in order to have a buffer in a pool of savings. One is drawn to look into investments or opportunities to produce other income streams. One's income is more than one's expenditure. This state becomes more sustained as one's investment portfolio produces more and more income. In best cases, this portfolio or opportunity is around something one enjoys or has a passion for. There is an increased fulfilment, autonomy and independence in one's day to day. Then a time comes when we actually do not have to actively work unless we chose. At this time, we have significant amounts of our income from our various income streams systematically earning enough passive income for us to have freedom to have our preferred lifestyle with more choice.

It is important to state that this is all about desire. Not everyone has a desire to be rich or even to be financial free. There are many who feel total fulfilment with little money. There is no right or wrong and the desire for one way of life does not compare with the desire for another way of life. Each to their own.

If one has a desire for financial freedom, it is critical to realise that the steps towards sustainable financial freedom require the release of certain unhelpful conditioning checking/ limiting our ability to attain or progress through them. We may have enough income from a pay check but the thought of letting go or reducing that one pay check may create unbearable fear, shame or guilt. The more inner clarity we have about these specific conditioning, the sharper our desire for financial freedom, and the more likely we will be able to co-create it in our lives.

As we identify and release unhelpful conditioning, we begin to find it easier to even spend less than we earn. We somehow find it easier to pick on and explore other income streams. There seems to be more motivation to engage in building up our passive income. The internal process begins to impact our day to day outcomes. We feel ourselves becoming happier with our current lifestyle or being clearer about what needs to change to make us happier.


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