Examples of Self Care Strategies

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


· Take deep breaths slowly

· Count down from 5

· Pray

· Doodle on paper

· Use a stress ball

· Say something affirmative to yourself (e.g."I can do this")

· Think of something or someone funny

· Look at pictures on your phone or around you.

· Stand up and stretch

· Do something kind

· Give someone/a pet a hug

· Listen/Read positive affirmations

· Say something kind to yourself

· Talk to a friend

· Sit back in your chair and relax your muscles

· Straighten your back and push your chest up

· Think of your favourite place

· Take a sip of water/drink/tea

· Use an I - statement

· Laugh

· Ask yourself "what do I need right now?"

· Tell someone you are thankful for them

· Notice 5 things you can see

· Listen to 5 things you can hear

· Use a relaxation app

DOWNTIME CARE STRATEGIES (when you have more time)

· Listen to Music (e.g. from a personal playlist)

· Meditate

· Receive Reiki/Coaching/Therapy

· Pray

· Practice Yoga/Pilates

· Make a gratitude list

· Do something kind

· Do something you love

· Do a puzzle

· Draw/Paint something

· Build/Create something

· Play with clay

· Play an instrument

· Watch a good movie

· Take pictures

· Journal/Write/Blog

· Get enough sleep

· Eat a healthy snack

· Listen to/Read a good book

· Blow bubbles

· Get a haircut/manicure/pedicure

· Cook/Bake

· Identify your emotions

· Express your feelings to someone

· Read inspirational quotes

· Smile in a mirror

· Write down your schedule for the day

· Listen to nature sounds

· List 5 positive things about you

· Use a relaxation app


· Play sports

· Dance/ Spinning

· Take a quick walk

· Garden

· Do some cleaning

· Jog/Squats

· Exercise


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