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Embracing Peace in spite of Fear

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

7th November 2018

The one thing that prevents us from having more peace is Fear.

The presence of fear can sometimes be so rampant and exists in so many forms. There can be many things that bring up fear in us, including fear of authority, uncertainty, religion, punishment, loss, discomfort, pain, lack, abuse, violence, attack, humiliation, being different etc. We could go the entire 24hrs of the day feeling afraid, even through sleep.

I remember being overwhelmed with fear throughout the day, having difficulty sleeping and waking up so tense in the middle of the night overwhelmed with fear. There are many things in our past and present that condition fear within us. Most times we have explanations for some of our fear and sometimes we do not know why we are so overwhelmed.

We may live now in violence or even in war like environment which make us feel particularly afraid. We may live in terror at all times of the day and night and feel helpless. The issue for some of us with embracing peace is that there may be reasons for the fear in our present lives, reasons that we cannot see our way out of or feel we can eliminate by ourselves. Consequently, this is not about eliminating the fear, but about embracing more peace within you even in the presence of fear. It is tough. It is definitely a struggle, but it is possible.

It took me the consistent use of several tools and strategies to achieve inner peace. Now, I can be in the middle of a war zone and feel stillness within me. Random thoughts are more or less absent in my head, unless I am working through a task. I am guided as to what to do that needs to be done, regardless of my surroundings or what is going on. There are still triggers that come up at times and dissociation may start or occur, but within seconds, I release the tension and am in peace again. I have trained my mind, body and spirit to release the triggers of past imprints and integrate any dissociation that starts to occur. I know I am not my thoughts and they are an illusion of the subconscious mind.

The reason why it is so hard for us to let go of these emotions is because the amygdala in the brain gets altered by trauma. This alteration creates an over emphasis on heightened emotions and a perception of fear even when there is none. The dissociation we experience in childhood in a dysfunctional environment was a survival mechanism. At that time, we felt so terrified, almost to the point of death for many of us. We had to step away from the situation, from the surrounding. We had to break away in thought, emotion, identity. We had to separate ourselves from the situation in order to survive. This part of us that experienced the dysfunction/trauma in still within us and is still afraid. This fear is still there even though the situation that caused it is now in the past. That fear underlies our day to day even though it is not real, it is a persistent strong memory and has to be released. These past and present experiences stand in the way of our inner peace until we release them..

5 Tips to Embrace Peace in spite of fear.

1. Self talk: Begin to raise your awareness of the memories that arise, knowing that they are from the past. If the fear is about present environment, assess what you can control and take time to see your options. If the options do not seem achievable yet when you do self talk, speak to someone else about it, someone you feel safe with. The key thing is to understand what is within your control and what is beyond your control. What is the real threat? Is there a real threat? Once you can separate the illusion from the real, you begin to feel some ease within. You can practice self talk, set the fear aside and focus on building your peace. This peace dissipates fear. Be on point to talk calmly to yourself when you begin to feel overwhelmed. You tell yourself about being worth more peace. You begin to value how this inner peace is important to making a difference in your day to day life.

2. Stillness of the Mind Body Spirit: Begin to raise awareness of what stillness means for you, using tools that resonate such as daily relaxation, subliminal programming, REIKI, meditation, praying, breathing etc Over time it becomes easier to slip into a peaceful state even when you are not actively using any tool. Try a range of tools as they target different aspects of us.

3. Use movement or exercise: to release tension from your body. Fear is often stored in our muscles, bones and body fluids. Movement also helps to deescalate the adrenaline and cortisols being released into your body due to the perceptions of fear.

4. Get Trauma help: from a Trauma Informed professional, friend or a safe group to support you in your recovery. Being in a group of other survivors alone helps us know we are not alone.

5. Contact Crisis Helpline: If you are really in danger, and in current fear or crisis, always contact a crisis helpline or organisation.

As we walk through embracing our inner peace, it is so important to remember that we have been conditioned over many years to feel a particular way. We have to practice, practice, and keep using tools/strategies to re wire and reprogram ourselves. You make progress as you do this. It is hard work, but it is worth it.

You can experience more peace. You can set all fear aside even as you get triggered. You can feel the fear and instantly embrace peace within. A time comes when the fear dissolves even as it arises. You can build your reservoir of peace and inner sense of safety.


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