Conquer the Fear of Failure

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

When our brain senses a threat, it sends a signal to the adrenal gland to flood our physical system with adrenaline. The perception of threat may be of an actual event taking place there and then or the perception may be an illusory or from a past experience. If you have had some moderate or even severe traumatic experiences, it is likely that the threat being perceived is a memory, from a previous past contrasting experience rather than a real threat in the present. Initially all you feel is the adrenaline rush through your system and you can suppress, it, repress it or learn to conquer it.

Today I will give you 3 steps to overcome The Fear of Failure instantly:

1) Be more compassionate with yourself: We often hold the strong belief that we are supposed to know it all. You believe that anyone who does not know it all, is failing in some way. This belief of being a master at all things, is a fixed mindset and it limits your potential to learn and improve. You have to be more compassionate with yourself as you learn and you improve. You have mastered certain things and you are practicing as you walk your learning path. When you take on the empowering belief that you are learning and that this is ok, your fear of failure is half conquered.

2) Visualise the Scenario: Think of what is the worst that could happen. Remind yourself that you can overcome it, just as you have overcome other contrasting events in the past. This will pass. Then think of the best that could happen. Hold this vision of the best outcome. Identify what is happening in this vision, or if easier write it down. What are the possible best outcomes?. What could you do now to get you close to your best outcome? For instance, make a call, send an email, plan a script that would work? In other words, prepare for the best case scenario of this fearful event. This happens to me and I always conquer the fear by setting out my plans clearly. The most important thing is that you remember that "doing nothing keeps the fear in place".

Once you have a plan, there may still be some residual fear in your system. In fact for some of us, this step 3 is more helpful before step 2.

3) Use Emotional Transformational tools: Identify transformational tools that resonate and work for you. Could be breathing, breathe in deeply, hold for count of 3 and release through your mouth. This immediately brings more oxygen into your system and lowers your heart rate. Other powerful tools are journaling: simply writing down thoughts flowing through your mind, feelings and body sensations as you experience them with no judgement. This journal would usually be for you alone. There is a release that occurs when you transfer your thoughts unto paper. It is hugely therapeutic. Mindfulness: focusing only on your in breathe and then out breathe, rather than on your thoughts. It might be helpful to count down from 50 and focus only on this count down to 1, as you breathe in and out. You bring your attention back to the countdown when thoughts stray. Music is good therapy, a song that takes your mind off your thoughts. Subliminal audio affirmations are a powerful tool to retrain your brain with empowering thoughts. Find what works for you to shift the fear so you can walk daily with ease and grace.

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