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Circular Patterns of Thinking

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Do you find yourself thinking about the thoughts you are having?

The thoughts could be positive making you feel good, exciting such as a past event you enjoyed or they could be negative thoughts about contrasting events in your personal life, business or the world.

The thoughts we repeat again and again in our mind become beliefs, which are formed neural patterns in the brain and body.

Research has shown that these neural patterns impact our mental state health and wellbeing.

They lead to assumptions and which determine our decisions and behaviour On a day to day.

These assumptions are embedded in our ego self.

We assume that our suffering or even our happiness is attributed to others who are not part of us in anyway, separate from us.

This perception of separation actually leads to a high degree of fear and short lived happiness.

These assumptions and thoughts are circular as they go round and round in our minds and can be quite overwhelming. This type of behaviour of mind is termed rumination and is very common in depression, anxiety.

Rumination is even more overwhelming when there has been past trauma which creates an inbuilt dysfunction and maladaptive patterns of thought as well as behaviour.

It is harder to break through the habit of thinking this way when we have had trauma but it is possible.

It is not a worthy goal to try to engage with the thoughts with an aim to rid ourselves of them, because it is a basic natural tendency for ego self to have this separation to thrive in the mundane world. The attempts to get rid of the thoughts will be endless, because the ego mind comes up with endless thoughts Literally thousands per day.

A willingness to reflect and realise that within us is a conscious spiritual self that is at one with all is crucial. This is the ultimate goal, to transmute the ego mind and allow the higher mind, pure awareness, to drive our day to day.

But first we get to go beyond the overwhelm caused by rumination.

Having an openness to question, to stop believing in our identification with the circular patterns of thinking of the ego self is a good starting point.

Ruminating can be paused as we gradually understand the way our mind works.

Steps to manage Rumination

1. Be willing to commit to the intentional practice, to quieten your mind, Using the tools around you which resonate with you, such as meditation, breathing into your body, prayer, Reiki, Coaching, Journaling etc

2. On a daily basis find time to use the tools getting help if needed.

for instance if it is meditation, whether sitting or movement, to commit to a min of 15mins a day building up slowly and then up to 45 mins at different times.

if it is journaling, make time daily to write down the thoughts and reflections of the day. You get to learn more about your own mind.

If it is breathing into your body, allow this for 2/3 four breaths, in the moment, to reset your mind. Relax more in your body, breathing into tense areas. In time as you make time to ground your body, your thoughts will begin to feel more distant.

3. Come to understand what you ruminate about and the patterns you are wanting to let go of and the patterns that serve you.

4. Hold empowering affirmations about what you prefer and focus on these affirmations and intentions

5. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself the time you need to understand that you have choice and do not have to follow every single thought you have. You have choice to pause.

6. As you yourself see the patterns, negative and positive, you learn to observe them and take them less seriously

7. Stop believing your thoughts automatically. They are not your truth. Commit to quietening your true mind, to stillness

8. Self discovery is a process and as you become more aware of how the thoughts come and go you are drawn closer to your true self. Self awareness is key.

9. Get the help you need from books or coaches who have an understanding of trauma and transmuting the ego mind.

Remember the most important thing is to commit, be kind and honest with yourself and never give up.

In my programs, I support you to find and release the limits, beliefs, barriers, resistance within to your next level, to living in higher conscious states of being using my SMITT system.


Send me a message if this resonates and you would like to work with me as your Coach. You can learn more about me here:

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