Circular Patterns of Thinking

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

11th July 2018

The majority of assumptions we make lead us to think that we are separate from each other. These assumptions are embedded in our ego self. We assume that our suffering or even our happiness is attributed to others who are separate from us. This perception of separation actually leads to a high degree of fear and short lived happiness. These assumptions and thoughts are circular as they go round and round in our minds and can be quite overwhelming. It is even more overwhelming when there has been past trauma which creates a dysfunction and maladaptive patterns of thought as well as behaviour.

It is not a worthy goal to try to rid ourselves of these circular patterns of thoughts because it is a basic natural tendency for ego self to have this separation to thrive in the mundane world. A willingness to reflect and realise that there is a conscious spiritual self that is at one with all is a worthy affliction. Having an openness to question our identification with the circular patterns of thinking of the ego self is a good starting point.

Using the tools around us which resonate with us such as meditation, prayer, Reiki, Coaching, Journaling etc allows us to walk the path of freedom from identification with these circular patterns of thinking with some support. We will be guided as we set our intentions on a daily basis.


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