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Would you like to understand and trust yourself even more, to intuitively feel loved, confident and unstoppable every single day?. 

If you are ready 



​If You have read books, gone on courses, been to seminars, gone for therapy, on medication and you still have to deal with the endless self doubts, mind overwhelm, muscle tensions and racing heart beats that creep up out of no where, making you lose confidence in yourself and feel like you cannot cope, Know that You are in the right place.... 

First let me congratulate you on your decision to do this course.


The world is moving online and this course is an intervention targeted to give you choice and flexibility in the long term.

This is about self empowerment, truly having the skills to make the changes you have literally been craving for ever!

Let's face it!

You have been dealing with this a long time and it is a miracle that you did not simply give up on managing your emotions and doubts about yourself. 

Well it is about time.

So I know you have many questions, such as


Where do I start?


How do others seem to just trust themselves and make self confidence look so easy?

Why is it so hard to let go of the raging thoughts that remind me of all the things that could go wrong or have gone wrong in the past?


What exactly is the struggle inside me all about?


How long will it take me to manage my emotions and feel confident in any situation?


Is it even possible to get rid of all these freaking doubts in my mind?!

Will I ever feel totally confident?


Is confidence the same as arrogance?

Will I still be accepted by others who like me just as I am?

Yes this will be a change.....a good change!


You want it...But you're wondering

Will it really happen this time?

Will It be too triggering?

Am I ready?

How will I manage it? 

Will those around me accept a new me?

Will I get stuck?

Yes, It is confusing.. You have been at this for a long time and you may well continue if you do not shift now.


You can reduce those times where you have self doubt, withdraw in discomfort, not expressing your true confident self!

It does not have to continue.

And it is not as hard as you think.

I promise you. I also have a secret.

I have done this and I have helped many to silence the anxious doubtful inner critic to live even more confidently with ease and flow. 

I have a simple but powerful step by step plan that will keep you on track and be accountable.  

This course is simplified in a way that is easy to follow

You will be guided and supported by an experienced Emotional Freedom Coach and Certified Trauma Coach, so you understand more of your self, what is holding you back right now and your next steps

Just imagine what this would mean for you, stepping with ease into your next phase.

bola pic 8.jpg

You really can trust yourself all the time, doing all you need to get done, without feeling overwhelmed with self doubt. You can feel the self doubt, catch yourself and release it in a badass way you can be proud of.

"Increase Self Worth and Confidence"  

This course includes deep self inquiry exercises and reflection for those who are ready to GET THAT NEXT LEVEL!

If you are ready now 

Here's what I am willing to bet...


If you have been meaning to break free from feeling stressed and burn out for a while but haven't been able to do so yet, then ........

- You are probably experiencing confusion and maybe even a certain amount of overwhelm. 

- You might have been telling yourself this lie: "I'll cope better tomorrow".
- You have been wondering "what am I here to do", "who am I", "where to start", "how to start"


- You have been thinking you will get better, even though it appears there is always more and more going on around you, so the self doubt remains, and, the coping does not happen.  

Sound familiar? 

Then chances are, you will still be in the same place in another 6 months or even a year....

If you are ready, this course will help you 
Feel More Confident & Loved Daily

Here is what is included

Module 1:

  • Deep dive into your perception of your self confidence

  • Unlock extraordinary confidence

  • Identify and understand your own unique mindset

Module 2:

  • Deep dive into the cognitive process of self confidence

  • Let go of inner limits

  • Guided meditation to heal your past self

Module 3:

  • Deep dive into your life themes

  • Embody radical detachment into authenticity

  • Own your new extraordinary life 

And there's more........




You will be added to a private Facebook group, where you will get daily support from me, my team & the safe high vibe community. This is the place you will go to ask questions, get support and most of all where I keep you accountable. Do not underestimate the power, magic and sheer momentum that a group of ambitious individuals can create when they have a common goal, are supporting each other and pulling in the same direction!  

Here's a bit about me...

bola pic 8_edited.png

With over 20 years of experience in the field of psychology, stress and trauma, I designed this course to support expansion of your emotional management and clarity for your business and personal life. You get to release the past emotions, thoughts, memories that no longer serve you at this time to align to your true confident, creative powerful self for business and personal life. You get to live more in flow with simple and powerful tools.


You realize you are worthy of your goals and you action them in your day to day. 


Member, British Psychological Society

Member, Reiki Medic Care, London, UK

Member, International Association of Trauma Recovery Coach (IAOTRC)

Learn more about me here

Please read my Terms and Conditions here

SW, Montreal, Canada

"Thank you Bola for this Confidence course. It really dawned on me that I do not need to be like others for me to relate to them. I can be myself and express myself without feeling the need to forget who I am every time"

RS, London, UK

"I did not realise how much I had lost my sense of self. Thank you Bola for helping me give myself permission to reclaim my sense of belonging  with my own self. Your Confidence course helped me write a new story"

JR, Lagos, Nigeria

"My self confidence is fundamental to everything I am. It is the basis. Thanks for your course helping me develop this clarity"

If you are still reading, you are probably wondering how much it costs.


£ 197

Click on the button below to start this life changing experience now.
Look out for my email after your purchase, to start immediately. 

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