It’s time to embrace the abundance of worth and confidence from within for all areas of your life!

This SELF WORTH & CONFIDENCE course helps you develop a healthier relationship with yourself. You align with your innate worth and flow better with your day to day.

Many courses approach dealing with self worth and confidence from the dimension of the ego. However this does not lead to longlasting self worth and confidence. At Soulspace Healing, we connect with our deeper multi dimensional Higher Mind, to embrace our true self as the multidimensional beings that we are. The purpose of this course is to help you realize the connection between your outer reality and your Higher Mind, to help you bring the two together.

In this Course we will look deeply into your core beliefs, habits, patterns and behaviour. You will understand more what is behind the struggle with personal will power and the impact of social as well as personal conditioning. As you connect to your true worth, your Divine worth, you look at situations wisely and choose which option really serves you best. This choice of what serves you best is what you make again and again. You come to know your Divine worth as a vehicle of creative intelligence.


Investment: £30

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