Your Self-Confidence sky rockets as you get better at understanding your thoughts and emotions.  This is because, much of our confidence comes from how we feel about our own self rather than our knowledge of a subject or external object. Even if we do not know a subject well enough yet, we believe in our self and know we can learn it so we get on with it. There are times on the other hand when we have gained much knowledge about a subject matter but still we do not feel self confident enough somehow. Self confidence is more about how you feel about your own self.


Your Self Confidence catapults as you start sensing how you feel, process what you are sensing and embrace what action or non action is required. This mastering of your emotions is called emotional resilience.


Get ready to improve your emotional resilience and window of tolerance with this course.

First let me explain how emotional management underpins your self-confidence, which is that natural ease within you that is underpinned by compassion. 

The term, mentioned above, "window of tolerance", is an optimum state where you are able to receive and integrate emotions with ease".  You generally feel less stressed out on a daily basis. Even when you are facing a sudden incident, you respond rather than react, because you are receiving, understanding and integrating the emotions as they come. This cultivates strength in managing your emotions, which is your emotional resilience. Self confidence sky rockets when your capacity, your window of tolerance increases in this way.


This window of tolerance is ultimately your capacity to:


  • be present and mindful

  • listen deeply and take other people’s perspective

  • manage your emotions and stay composed under pressure

  • express yourself creatively

Your emotional resilience and a healthy window of tolerance are huge factors when it comes to dealing with change, especially persistent change that has become a part of daily life, confidently.


Your self worth and confidence are impacted as you cultivate and nurture emotional resilience.


You can have clarity and success at work, in business and in your personal relationships. First it is key to increase your inner capacity consistently on a daily basis, otherwise these goals can be a struggle.


This course is for you, if you have ideas, passion, goals, but feel stuck or blocked in moving forward. 


So get ready!  

With over 20 years in the field of psychology, stress and trauma, Bola has designed this course to explore and let go of hidden fears, to support you having a healthier relationship within yourself. You get to align with your innate worth, your goals and step up in your day to day. 

Many courses approach dealing with self worth and confidence from the dimension of the ego. However this does not lead to long lasting self worth and confidence. With this course, you connect with your deeper emotional themes and patterns and embrace your truer self as the multi faceted being that you are.


The purpose of this course is to help you realize the connection between your outer reality and your inner self, which has an intelligence of its own to help you bring the two together, on a daily basis.

In this Course we will look deeply into your core beliefs, habits, patterns and behaviour. These are key factors for your emotional resilience. You get to write a new life story!


Get ready to understand more what is behind YOUR struggle not feeling at ease, happier within yourself.


This course is self directed, so you access it right away and do it in your own time. You get to engage honestly with the deep dive exercises, worksheets and guided meditation that resolves key past issue(s) that is relevant to you!

This course comes in 3 Modules.


  • Deep dive into your perception of your own sense of worth

  • Explore the Lack or Abundance Mindset

  • Understanding your Mindset


  • Deep dive into your perception of your confidence

  • Embrace Your Divine Worth

  • Let go of redundant conditioning

  • Guided Meditation to Heal Your Past Self


  • Deep dive into your life story themes

  • Practice Radical Non-attachment

  • Write your new Life story

As you follow the instructions and guidance, you will explore deeper in yourself, with compassion. You become a curious observer and get to choose which options really serves you best for your healthy emotional resilience. You come to make the healthier choice of what serves you and your loved ones best again and again.


Are you ready make choices every waking moment with self awareness and from your place of improved window of tolerance? Fill in the form below and dive right in! 


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