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Goal setting and Getting Ready to Receive

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

14th August 2018

Goal setting and Getting Ready to Receive

Many of us set conscious goals around our desires, around what we would like to experience in our life. We write them down, visualise them, affirm them and feel every aspect, gaining clarity around them, day by day. Then there are also many of us who believe that there is no need to set any goals because of the belief that we do not have any choice in the matter of our lives anyway.

The latter feel that it is out of their control. They have suffered many disappointments and tragedies despite their desire for better experiences, so they feel justified in believing that there is no point and they are helpless. This feeling of helplessness is very normal when one has been through abuse or trauma. There is immense pain and deep emotions that are hard to manage. This helplessness is a deep conditioning that is prevalent all across the globe amongst trauma survivors. Self care and Trauma Informed support is critical.

When we think about it, the perception of having no control over one's life seems very rational and understandable considering that there are unlimited external puzzles to match, coupled with complex emotional, cognitive and somatic imprints within us, in our ego self. It would be rational to think that it is foolhardy or even futile to begin to take any ownership - to put the responsibility of control elsewhere for example one's background, status, family dysfunction, society, nation or even government. Whilst these all have significant impact on us (joys and contrasts), we are still called work through our desires, identify what we want and clarify them as co-creators.

Historically, the approach of passing the responsibility of the outcomes of one's life anywhere other than at one self has proven not to work. It has led to even more frustration. Taking full ownership and then getting out of one's own way by overcoming the limitations within is a running success trend. All you have to do is read a few autobiographies to ascertain more. People only begin to see their best outcomes when they become clear about their goal(s). The consistent and unwavering presence of a combination of tools and resources such as prayer, meditation, role models, mentors, coaches, practitioners etc makes a huge difference in how people navigate their path and maximise their outcomes.

Without a doubt we have to commit to engaging with the tools and resources around us. In spite of our trauma, our challenges, of complexities, we can commit to our unique healing path, to our best outcomes and be guided as to what tools resonate in order to clarify our unique goals. It starts with very small steps and lots of self compassion. As we get clearer, releasing resistance and unhelpful conditioning, increasing our window of tolerance, we also come to let go of control and explicitly/consciously connect deeply with Divine Source, with God. A Trauma Informed Coach such as myself can navigate you through this entire process. Connecting and Surrendering our sharply clarified goals with Divine Source, with God, either subconsciously or consciously is key to receiving.

Each person has a unique path which continues on from wherever you are today. There are complexities around us and within us to consider and each person has healing to do even as we set our next level goals. It is how we deal with the complexities rather than the complexities themselves that determine our readiness to receive.


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