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You have completed the Course!!


You now have a new life story and you are connected to your true worth, your unchanging Divine worth, a stronger understanding of your life themes and more confidence. Stay on this journey and look at situations wisely to choose which option really serves you best. This choice of what theme serves you best is what you make again and again.


You come to know and express your Divine worth with more confidence as a vehicle of creative intelligence.

Send me a message to let me know how you got on here

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If you want to explore your true worth deeper spiritually, book a chat to learn more about my SMITT program

What did my clients say...

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"Since joining, I could begin to articulate how I felt. I was able to share in a safe space with people that understood. The tools given to me, by Bola which seem so easy and available were like magic!. Learning to pause, stops you from focusing on the negative. You just catch yourself before you get into that rut. Now I just find myself pausing without being conscious of just is how I function now, with ease" 

~ A. Junaid, UK

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"Bola I realised through working with you, that I could tie in my passion with my business. It was so impactful to receive the insight of what really lights me up. You bringing it to my awareness, even though I was a little bit resistant to it at the time, in my opinion was a testiment to your quality as a Coach. To bring it up in a loving and kind way, encouraging the process for me to dig, to go a little deeper was so helpful. Thank you so much Bola"

 ~ D. Ash USA

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"By the end of the first meeting with Bola, I clarified my original intention to what was more meaningful for me. I have a much happier relationship with my son. We are listening to each other better. I am so grateful for the tools that Bola has given me. I do not know if I have changed or if he has changed but I am loving it". 

~ A. Hayfron, UK

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