• Identify ways to intervene with the triggers and core limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions

  • Understand & Integrate your beliefs & emotions with more ease for your preferred reality 


  • Respond differently to what happens around and within you, go from chaos to calm in 3secs


  • Be above the daily mental chaos & practice meditative calm with more present ease


  • Upscale your confidence with improved intuition


  • Learn to Pause in Stillness Practice


  • Amplify your meaningful interactions for successful business & personal relationships


  • Access daily tools and resources within a practical transformational model 


SMITT Emotional Mastery Program

8 Live Group Sessions

2 1:1 Live Sessions,

Community support,

Daily personalised support

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how we work together over the 2 months

Over 60 days, you are supported to cultivate your ability to bridge cognitive and affective distractions to relate to self and others with more ease and flow

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I am a Clarity & Emotional Freedom Coach, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach & Reiki Medic Care Practitioner.


I'm Bola Abimbola, I empower you to live intuitively and extraordinarily, without inner limits, with clarity and inner non-duality congruence, in soulful authenticity, with ease and flow, whether at work or at play. 

I am not your regular Trauma Trained Emotional Intelligence Coach. My focus is on true emotional freedom. Being able to understand the workings of your inner mind, emotional brain, and energy being, to flow more freely with synchronicity, applying proven simple but powerful tools, in the right way.


I have a BSc Psychology degree and over 20 years in the field of psychology, stress and trauma. Through my own life experience, dedication, research, sheer practice, daily application and direct client work,  I created “Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation” (SMITT ) system, based on cognitive behavioural therapy, to empower people from all walks of life to cultivate heart focused emotional freedom and emotional intelligence for their soulful authentic lives. I am also an Official Host of London Adyashanti gatherings leading monthly spiritual reflective and meditation gatherings. I live in London, UK with my family


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SMITT incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy, stillness, meditation, trauma recovery and neuroplasticity to cultivate emotional freedom, emotional intelligence, intuitive confidence and resilience.


What is "Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation?" (SMITT)

Step 1


Understand your emotions, feelings, the thoughts, beliefs and definitions  manifesting your current reality. 


Understand and Release unhelpful conditioning , for more emotional freedom and emotional intelligence.

Step 3


Cultivate a deeper intuitive connection to your heart, higher self, align with your true authentic self with a new sense of inner peace and tranquility

Step 2

The Program contains:


@ Cultivation of Emotional Intelligence


@ Weekly Emotional Release & Alignment


@ Step by Step Plan to bridge Core Limiting Patterns



@ Energetic Support for Deep Clearing & Balancing


@ Cultivate Spontaneous Compassionate Response




@ Daily Inspired Community 


So what are you waiting for?


A look inside SMITT Emotional Mastery program Curriculum

My signature 8 phase program for emotional mastery and emotional intelligence amplifies your ability to bridge cognitive and affective distractions and patterns to relate with self and others with ease and flow.


Sessions are delivered on a weekly basis and structured to build on the previous one, gradually building a deeper relationship with self, your mind and your environment. You start off out of touch and overwhelmed and in 2 months, you learn new patterns, to integrate the impact of the past and are fully centered, grounded and connected with your true inner being, in the present, with more ease and flow for your life journey. 

Phase #1: Break Free from Overwhelm, Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs and Flourish into the Empowered You

You will:

  • Uncover Your Beliefs that overwhelm and open your heart and mind to envision true value of your authenticity using our templates and scripts

  • Connect to your core strengths and discover how to operate at your fullest potential 

  • Gain important insight on how to choose the right words, develop empowering statements, define overall goals and set winning intentions


Phase #2: Step Into Your New Understanding of Self and Cultivate a New Emotional System that Soothes and Empowers You.

You will:

  • Build familiarity with nature and your mind at deeper levels awakening your loving unconditional inner being

  • Fine tune your inner connections and convince “the child in the mirror” to show up with gentle assurance, trust and confidence 

  • Become the solution to what you have been searching for through a re orientation of mindset



Phase #3: Master High-Level Mental Skills and Techniques Sure to Align your Mindset to work for You. 

You will:

  • Adopt emotional, mental and energy practices that place you above the chaos and overwhelm

  • ​Establish empowering boundaries that align with your lifestyle all while getting on with your roles. 

  • ​Discover how to catch and release your feelings to align to higher vibration that place you in the empowering stream to manifest your BIG intentions, not just for the short term



Phase #4: Create an Irresistible Relationship with Self that Keeps on Giving in Transformative Flow

You will:

  • Understand the definition of SELF LOVE that integrates you at the core 

  • Outline your journey in your way that is easily digestible for YOU to step up BIG in the present

  • Adopt the dos and don’ts of your daily interactions to create empowering relationships that  are void of frustration and overwhelm

  • ​Discover how to flood your body with high vibrations to push through fatigue and overwhelm - even when fears/triggers emerge



Phase #5: Step Up, Show Up and Serve Deep from the Shadows into the Light with Soul Centered Authenticity

You will:

  • Create a vision of YOU that amplifies your gifts and consolidates on your work and life experiences 

  • Gain in-depth understanding on your true passion and learn how to intuitively maximize connections with your soul tribe and market

  • ​Get easy-to-follow failproof instructions on getting crystal clear clarity and congruence for your next level with a willingness to become more visible with ease and flow.

  • ​Embody intuitive confidence in your authentic goals to ensure you attract and engage your soul tribe even deeper every day.  

Phase #6: Get Your Entire Emotional Systems aligned with your Mind for Constant Synergy  

You will:

  • Uncover and own your vulnerabilities with gentle compassion and gain an understanding of your WHY 

  • Get the inside scoop on our preferred emotional wiring, mental streams of thought, so you never waste another second wondering which experience will work for you

  • ​Use our inspired action templates to set and embody your values to quicken your readiness to flow in higher vibration streams no matter what your environment is presenting.



Phase #7: Set your Default to Stillness as the Autopilot to Producing your Soul Driven Reality 

You will:

  • Familiarise yourself with the infinite intelligence within YOU, using our resources and scripts

  • Uncover how intuition communicates with you and embody the richness and quality with confidence

  • ​Gain master-level confidence at integrating your emotions to default to Stillness as guidance in daily experiences.


Phase #8: Embrace your New Soul Driven Authenthic Self  

You will:

  • Discover the power of non-duality in scaling beyond the overwhelm using our step by step guides

  • ​Study and master the art of recognising and allowing aligned synchronicity without resistance 

  • ​Show up like a pro by amplifying unconditional love for You with deep Heart-Mind Congruence

Plus You'll get support Handholding & Kicks to get a move on

My system works, here is what my clients say

abims pic.jpg

"Since joining, I could begin to articulate how I felt. I was able to share in a safe space with people that understood. The tools given to me, by Bola which seem so easy and available were like magic!. Learning to pause, stops you from focusing on the negative. You just catch yourself before you get into that rut. Now I just find myself pausing without being conscious of just is how I function now, with ease" 

~ A. Junaid, UK

daisy Ah.jpg

"Bola I realised through working with you, that I could tie in my passion with my business. It was so impactful to receive the insight of what really lights me up. You bringing it to my awareness, even though I was a little bit resistant to it at the time, in my opinion was a testiment to your quality as a Coach. To bring it up in a loving and kind way, encouraging the process for me to dig, to go a little deeper was so helpful. Thank you so much Bola"

 ~ D. Ash USA

amoba pic.jpg

"By the end of the first meeting with Bola, I clarified my original intention to what was more meaningful for me. I have a much happier relationship with my son. We are listening to each other better. I am so grateful for the tools that Bola has given me. I do not know if I have changed or if he has changed but I am loving it". 

~ A. Hayfron, UK

The value of my SMITT Emotional Mastery Program is priceless.

You cannot purchase what I give you anywhere else.  

One more thing …

Make no mistake, in your day to day,  your self awareness, emotional resilience, intuitive confidence, soulful authenticity and how you interact, is the stuff standing between you and your BIG goal. This is not about getting yet another certification. You owe it to yourself and the people you’re meant to serve to stop playing small and step up.

You see, the mere fact that you have the desire to step up well beyond just coping tells me you’re already a Badass! I’m just here to show you how to show up as one.


How is SMITT Emotional Mastery Program different from other group courses?

One of the biggest differences is the curriculum was built exclusively for those who are ready to get crystal clear on the subconscious limits and more importantly do the intentional practice to gain their power back from past trenches.  The mind, body spirit tools I teach are from my own experiences of breaking free from mind overwhelm and chaos into calm, into more ease and flow such as getting your mindset right by breaking free from undervaluing your wisdom, applying and mastering what you know about your self, getting clear on your inner state of being and so on.

This is what gets you up from just talking about the problems and the trenches, the old story, to taking real steps towards your emotional freedom and emotional mastery.

And whilst there are many mindset/emotional intelligence programs teaching you how to manage your emotional self, I teach this program in a way that you go through trauma recovery, gain emotional mastery life tools and embody your true authentic self in 8 weeks. 

Within 8 weeks, you find yourself naturally calmer, attentive to self and others as well as crystal clear on your soul driven purpose.

I am still recovering from severe trauma, is this program right for me?

Most definitely! I say let's have a chat. What I teach in my SMITT Emotional Mastery Program is a deeper understanding of what happened to you and how it has impacted on you and your journey so far. This is complimentary rather than a substitute for your traditional therapy or medical help. You learn how to befriend your emotions in an encouraging and supportive space as well as mastering them, which is key fo your recovery and stepping up.


Will I be able to ask questions and get answers relevant to me?

Absolutely. You’ll get daily support and accountability from me and my highly engaged team.


Will I get access to all 8 phases as soon as I enroll?

No. We’ll release lessons on a weekly basis so you can indulge in the content and take action without getting caught up in an avalanche. The great thing is the program includes 8 live group sessions and 60 days of support and accountability allowing you to work through the content and make progress at a reasonable pace. 


Can I purchase just one month?

No. Every lesson included in our 8-phase formula has been carefully curated to build on each other. We have found that even when participants are familiar with a specific aspect, they benefit from gaining new insight and a different perspective. Because we want to see you be free from overwhelm, the program comes as is. 


When does the program start? 

We start a new program on the first Saturday of each month. I’m not sure how long this will go on for, or how much I’ll increase the price next time around. So, if you already know you’re ready to blow past your inner limits, I recommend joining us now.


How much time will it take to get through the program?

The two 1:1 sessions are for 1 hr each, booked by you for each month at a time that suits you, excluding Sundays. The 8 group sessions are 2 hrs each and are recorded, so you can watch them in your own time. The total time you will actually spend online each week depends on you. The minimum we would say is 2hrs a week, to cover sessions and homework. The majority of the program is intentional practice offline in your regular day to day experiences.


Will I get lifetime access to all the lessons and trainings?

Yes, you will. 


What do I do if I need support?

Send me an email or Bring your questions to the weekly group sessions where I’ll answer your burning questions. You’ll also get support from my team and other committed supportive members just like you.

Make no mistake, having the right support can make (or break) your progress, so as long as you speak out and ask for what you need, you’ll get it inside my SMITT Emotional Mastery Program.