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Are you ready?

To live as and from awareness, in Higher Frequency Living


SMITT Emotional Mastery Program

Self Awareness. Mindfulness. Integration. Trauma Care. Transmutation incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy, stillness, meditation, trauma care, energy healing and neuroplasticity to cultivate higher conscious living

Transformational Courses

Group Coaching Calls

Energy Healing

Community support

@ Deeper Understanding of the Physical Egoic Mind


@ Deep Heartful Healing 


@ Gradual Allowing of True Essence

@ Energetic Support for Deep Clearing & Re-balancing

@ Cultivate Spontaneous Compassionate Response


@ Daily Inspired Support

In just under 60 days, you are supported to cultivate your ability to bridge cognitive and affective distractions to relate to self and others from true essence, awareness with more ease and flow

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Here's what clients say

abims pic.jpg

"Since joining, I could begin to articulate how I felt. I was able to share in a safe space with people that understood. The tools given to me, by Bola which seem so easy and available were like magic!. Learning to pause, stops you from focusing on the negative. You just catch yourself before you get into that rut. Now I just find myself pausing without being conscious of just is how I function now, with ease" 

~ A. Junaid, UK

daisy Ah.jpg

"Bola I realised through working with you, that I could tie in my passion with my business. It was so impactful to receive the insight of what really lights me up. You bringing it to my awareness, even though I was a little bit resistant to it at the time, in my opinion was a testiment to your quality as a Coach. To bring it up in a loving and kind way, encouraging the process for me to dig, to go a little deeper was so helpful. Thank you so much Bola"

 ~ D. Ash USA

amoba pic.jpg

"By the end of the first meeting with Bola, I clarified my original intention to what was more meaningful for me. I have a much happier relationship with my son. We are listening to each other better. I am so grateful for the tools that Bola has given me. I do not know if I have changed or if he has changed but I am loving it". 

~ A. Hayfron, UK

Step 2


How is SMITT Emotional Mastery Program different from other group courses?

The SMITT Emotional Mastery Program is about emotional freedom, becoming more comfortable with the range of emotions within us and learning to express self in a healthy way for best outcomes. It uses a combination of modalities that support you to start from where you are to release mind overwhelm and chaos into calm, into more ease and flow on your journey.  

I am still recovering from severe trauma, is this program right for me?

Most definitely! I say let's have a chat first and we can discern together if this is right for you. What I teach in my SMITT Emotional Mastery Program is a deeper acceptance and releasing of what happened to you, in an encouraging and supportive space which is key for your recovery and journey forward.


Will I be able to ask questions and get answers relevant to me?

Absolutely. You’ll get support and accountability from me and my highly engaged team.

Will I get access to all courses as soon as I enrol?

We have two tiers, each with select courses:

Two types of Membership

1) Star membership

Access to the Higher Frequency membership Group, Private Monthly Group Q & A, Reiki Healing, Inner Child Healing & Meditation @ £25 per month

2) Soulspace membership

Three intakes a year for the 8 week SMITT Emotional Mastery Group Program. You can send us a message here for more info


Can I purchase just one month?

Of course you can leave at anytime. Terms and Conditions here


When does the program start? 

The Star membership program in ongoing through the year. Start by sending us a message here

The Soulspace membership program has three intakes a year. You can sign up here for the next intake

When do the monthly livestreams take place?

First Wednesday of the month @9pm - 11pm London, United Kingdom time on Zoom 


How much time will it take to get through the program?

The SMITT Star Membership program is ongoing every month offering the transformational and energy healing sessions via monthly online livestreams.

The SMITT Soulspace Membership program runs for 8 weeks with three intakes a year.  


Will I get lifetime access to all the lessons and trainings?

Yes, on exit, you will have 60 days to download the group coaching videos. 


What do I do if I need support?

You can send me an email or message me your burning questions. You’ll also get support from my team and other committed supportive members just like you.

What are accepted payment methods?


My journey into Emotional Mastery started at 18, when the seed about two selfs was planted in my mind. I cultivated my understanding and knowledge of True Self using a range of modalities via trainings with several teachers and mentors. My passion is to facilitate deeper connections with awareness and higher conscious living, through stillness, emotional intelligence and compassionate inner inquiry. I support my clients to cultivate loving relationships with self and others, using powerful modalities of energy healing and gentle inner inquiry. The support is ongoing to transform mind and deepen spiritual practice

after spiritual awakening. 

You can click on the link below to sign up and we will revert for a call.

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