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FREE 5 Day "Perfectionism Detox" 

Do you often find yourself not able to sleep many nights because you are dwelling on how you performed on a task? 

Do you have a voice in your head that is quick to say a task was not done right, or you could have done better?

Do you rarely feel that your best shot is enough?


Are there many times when you do not feel good enough?

If this resonates, then my Free 5 day Perfectionism Detox Training is for you.

My name is Bola Abimbola, I am a  spiritually connected Transformational Life Coach. I help you move forward in life by letting go of limiting beliefs and connect with your innate  true worth.  I struggled with perfectionism for many years and really learnt 5 strategies that I share in this video series.


The five days will cover:


Fixed MindSet

 Conquer the Fear of Failure

 Unconditional Self Love and Acceptance

 The Voice of the Inner Critic

 Flowing with Life  

For years, I tried to control the chaos around me by trying to be perfect.

Perfectionism has its advantages when it allows you to set high standards and work towards them with strong commitment. However perfectionism becomes mal-adaptive when no outcome is good enough. If you find that you are always finding fault in what you do and come down hard on yourself for failing, then you have a mal-adaptive perfectionism coping mechanism. I know what this feels like.

It is possible to move forward. 


This 5 day training gives you insight, valuable tips and strategies to move forward in your life.

You come to live in flow with life and experience more joy in the present.


Sign up below and access Day 1 Video on Fixed Mindset straightaway,

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