FREE 5 Day "Perfectionism Detox" 

Do you often find yourself not able to sleep many nights because you are dwelling on how you performed on a task? 

Do you have a voice in your head that is quick to say a task was not done right, or you could have done better?

Do you rarely feel that your best shot is enough?


Are there many times when you do not feel good enough?

If this resonates, then my Free 5 day Perfectionism Detox Training is for you.

My name is Bola Abimbola, I am a  Leadership, Career and Transformational Coach. I help leaders and professionals in diverse industries become better and more efficient. I struggled with perfectionism for many years and really learnt 5 strategies that I now share with my clients and over 10,000 followers online. 

Growing up in a critical background and trying to control the chaos around me meant that I could not afford to get things wrong. I could not afford to fail. I could not fall short of anyone's expectations and I certainly had to be perfect. The critical voice in my head was dominant and everything was either white or black. There was no grey area that was comfortable for me to live in. I had little confidence and my self esteem was very low. I strived hard to achieve many tangible degrees and engaged in community and political work very early on in my teens to prove to myself that I was really a good decent person, that I was good enough. Confidence comes in stages if you have been conditioned to have no confidence in yourself. First you come to see yourself as a decent good person and you work hard for people to validate you in this way. Then you come to see yourself as quite unique. You have your journey and you are on your individual path, learning as you go. You come to see yourself as a superstar, simply deserving of all good that is on offer anywhere at anytime. In this place you really are not dependent on external validation. You appreciate it, but it does not determine what you do. Your actions are guided more from within you and you have this unconditional love and acceptance for yourself. This is what my 8 week "Manifest your Next Levels" program is about

Perfectionism has its advantages when it allows you to set high standards and work towards them with strong commitment. However perfectionism becomes mal-adaptive when no outcome is good enough. If you find that you are always finding fault in what you do and come hard on yourself for failing, then you have a mal-adaptive perfectionism coping mechanism. I know what this feels like.

Even as I achieved pace setting accomplishments, I was unable to enjoy my life and experience joy. I was constantly anxious and suffered from panic attacks when something was not going the way I had planned or the way I imagined. I know many perfectionists who start off feeling extreme anxiety to the point of not being willing to set goals because we fear not achieving them and cannot bear the thought of falling short of our outcomes.


It is possible to move forward from this place. 


This free 5 day training gives you insight, valuable tips and strategies to shift your perfectionism limiting mindset and silence the inner critical voice within.

You come to live in flow with life and experience more joy in the present.


The five days will cover Fixed MindSet, Conquer the Fear of Failure, Unconditional Self Love and Acceptance, The Voice of the Inner Critic and The final video is on Flowing with Life as it presents.

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