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Diving in the Reef

Daily Affirmations for Financial Abundance

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Read each sentence daily as statements that are already true for you, for at least 21 days.

@ Today and Always I choose Abundance

@ The essence of my true nature is abundance

@ Abundance is my Birthright

@ Abundance flows easily and effortlessly into my life

@ Abundance is Freedom

@ Freedom is Abundance

@ I have so much inner potential within me

@ I activate my inner potential

@ There are no limits to my potential

@ I am Successful

@ Success is a journey

@ Success is a set of goals and dreams

@ I explore limitless possibilities

@ I have many gifts to share

@ I share these gifts

@ I grow, I flourish

@ I have many skills, talents and qualities within me that attract and generate abundance

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man 2 money.jpg

@ I am Bright

@ I am Strong

@ I am Generous

@ I am Passionate

@ I am Knowledgeable

@ I am Creative

@ I am Visionary

@ I am Resourceful

@ I am Talented

@ I open to opportunities to deepen my skills, talents and qualities

@ I am Abundant and Courageous

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@ I act on my intuition

@ I follow my heart

@ My heart leads me to higher expressions of abundance

@ I release all judgements about money

@ Today I choose money

@ I know there is a limitless supply of money in the world.

@ I am in the flow of money

@ I choose this flow

@ I am in the flow of money to meet all my needs and wants

@ Money is a blessing that I choose

@ What goes around comes around

@ Money comes back to me time and time again

@ What I focus on grows

@ Today I choose abundance

And so it is. It is done.

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