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Here is to the Manisfestation of Your Next Levels
1. Tips for the Day

These 11 tips manifest mind, body, spirit next levels. 

2. Goal Setting Tool

Setting your goals and clarifying them opens up new thresholds. Believe in yourself. Ensure the beliefs and affirmations you hold place you on your best threshold.

If affirmations are new to you, an affirmation is a statement about your desired outcome/result, written or said, as if it has already happened e.g. affirmations.

Try this Goal Setting Exercise: 

(1) Write down your goals as if you already have them. Be specific about location, quantity etc . For example: 

I am grateful for my new home in Stave Island.

I am grateful for my over £10k income 

I am grateful for my published New York bestseller book

(2) Write a time frame for each goal.

For example I am grateful for my new home in Stave Island now/by Month and Year

I am grateful for my £10k income every month

I am grateful for my published New York bestseller book by Month and Year

(3) Choose the time frame that feels achievable to you.

(4) Write these down afresh everyday and feel excited as you write them.

(5) Acknowledge progress as things change.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that helps quieten your mind and body. As you practice, you find it easier to drop thoughts and relax. When thoughts drift in, just bring your focus back to your breathing. With time, your thought stream will become less frantic.

Breathe in deeply filling your lower abdomen and then breathe out. Focus on your in breath and your out breath. Repeat this again and again and again.


You slowly begin to feel tension being released from your body as you do this daily.


You also feel more energised as you get more oxygen into your body.

4. Self Care

Self Care is very different from Self Centredness. It is important to make time to care for yourself on a daily basis. On the above list, some will resonate with you more than others. For me, I check in daily to remind myself to let go of what I can't control.

Self Care may seem simple at first but it takes time to build a daily self care habit. In a world where being busy and self sacrificial is celebrated, taking care of yourself is an art that you have to relearn slowly. Be kind to yourself as you keep trying.


Self care Blog:

5. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for personal transformation. Sometimes we hold on to a contrasting painful memory because we think we will forget the lessons and somehow be at risk again. Know that the lessons have already been learnt and stored inside you. Trust this. The holding on is a habit that can be released.

Sometimes we feel that when we forgive, we are letting the person who hurt us get away too easily. However, the only person thinking about the memory/pain is the person who suffered from it. That is you. The holding on, dwelling on it affects only you. It is karma that takes care of the person who hurt us, it is not our non-forgiveness.

You can forgive and still keep your distance and boundaries with the person who hurt you, especially if the interactions are still toxic. You can keep your distance and acknowledge that the connection is not working out. You can take steps for your safety.


This forgiveness exercise is just for you to shift the contrasting/painful memory/experience.

Forgiveness Exercise:

For each memory/experience:

(1)  Write down these words “I forgive ...... (insert name) for.... (insert reason)”

(2) Say out loud each sentence you have written (Repeat 3 times).

(3) Who else do you need to forgive?

- Sometimes, we have to forgive our own self, a part of our ego self that got dislodged or dissociated during trauma.

Write down any new statement & say it out loud x3 times.


After you have said all the forgiveness statements, say out loud:

(4) "I release all painful imprints and I let go"

(5) "I deserve inner peace and happiness always"

(6) Take a deep breath, breathe in love, hold for three counts and breathe out pain. (Repeat three times).

Take the steps you need. Forgiveness releases your pain, brings you ease and the peace that you deserve. You are worthy of this.

Be quick to forgive knowing that holding on distracts you from fully enjoying your life now. Life gets even better

6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Follow the steps above to release the emotional tensions in your muscles. This particularly helps to release memories that have been stored in the body following a traumatic experience.


For instance you may exercise a lot, but still find some parts of you, e.g. your leg jerking or shaking a great deal. Or you may still have constant tension/pain in a particular area, e.g. your back. This tool is effective for releasing emotional pain embedded in the muscle. 

7. Unconditional Self Acceptance

This is a subliminal programming audio tool to retrain your subconscious mind. The single affirmation " I love and accept myself unconditionally" is embedded in relaxing sounds and repeated thousands of times to retrain the brain for unconditional self acceptance. Unconditional self love and acceptance is fundamental to our health, well-being and success. The degree of self acceptance you have is the degree to which you will allow your next level. You are more prepared to own the reality in which your next level exists.  

8. Guided Meditation to Heal Your Past Self

This guided meditation incorporates sound therapy using Ashtamangala cymbals and soothing music. Listen as often as you need to heal different parts of your past self. 

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