Subliminal Programming Audios

60 mins non stop ad free audios

@ £10.00 each

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Much love and Light xx

I have created these audios with subliminal messages. These messages are hidden suggestions, that are perceived by our minds below our level of awareness. We process them, but without being aware of doing so. Our subconscious is capable of absorbing 40 million bits of information per second, over, above and regardless of whatever our conscious is processing. Therefore, the embedded subliminal suggestions speak directly to our subconscious, reprogram our belief system and speed up the manifestation of our well-being. Each audio is focused on one topic and the list of embedded affirmations are found in each audio file.

When listening to the audios, you might experience emotions coming up. Some of them might be negative. Don't become afraid of it or think there must be something wrong with you. Just have the courage to feel what comes up and then wave goodbye to it, as it is leaving for good.

I advice that you listen as many times as possible, at least once a day till you feel you no longer need to. This is a process and it will take as long as it takes. Healing occurs in layers and will be different for everyone, depending on where you are on your journey. Just trust in the process, let everything go that no longer serves and start embracing the part of you that might have been hidden away and neglected for a very long time.

These audios feature Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) frequencies and beats, that are additionally layered with powerful musical tones, higher frequencies and energy transmission.

Headphones are not required although you will get a stronger effect if you wear them, especially if it states that binaural beats have been embedded.

It is my intention that these audios will assist you to embrace and integrate your healing. Your own intention has seniority so please state your intention and own it as you listen.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the music, the energy transmission and the beneficial frequencies.

Remember to drink plenty of pure water while and after listening.

The energies in my recordings are very potent, so as a precaution, please refrain from listening if you are:
- Pregnant
- Suffering from seizures or a neurological condition
- Operating any machinery or driving

Much Love & Light

Bola xoxoxo

Disclaimer: Like all sound or energy based healing methods, our audios are not intended as  substitutes for seeking professional health care advice. If you have concerns about a long term medical condition please consult your medical doctor beforehand.