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EMOTIONAL MASTERY with ease and flow

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The Webinar Recording



Bola Abimbola MBA MBPsS ian

Author, Teacher, Coach, Energy Healer

Founder of Soulspace Healing


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Maureen Gaetz-Faubert is an internationally Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Teacher



  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • Resilience and Pillars of Emotional Intelligence 

  • Self Love and Emotional Intelligence

  • How to identify your own emotions and their meaning

  • SMITT system and Intuitive Confidence 


  • Heart- Mind Connection & Metaphysical Healing

  • Q & A

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  • Gain an understanding of key concepts of Emotional Intelligence

  • Understand how emotions link to abundance, self love and intuition

  • Learn how to identify, understand and manage your own emotions

  • Reduce staff/team absence due to stress related issues

  • Improve the quality of your communication and interaction with colleagues, customers. clients, family, friends

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