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Take a moment to yourself and sit in silence. Take a deep breathe in and out. Relax into your being.

I will emphasise the need to relax, set aside your phones/gadgets and let go of any distractions.

  1. Write down what words come to mind when you dwell on your Confidence in different life aspects, for instance at home, at work, with friends, at a party, with children, with healthy food, cars, cooking, sports, bookkeeping, money, dancing, football, computers, DIY etc. We often find that we are confident in some life aspects and then unsure in others. Think back and get a sense of what you were confident in and where you feel less confident. Bullet points is fine. One list of life aspects you feel confident in and another list of life aspects you feel les or no confidence in.


Life aspects I feel confident in

Life aspects I feel little or no confidence in

For example swimming

For example sewing

Climbing mountains

Healthy foods




  • It is ok to have only fewer aspects on the left than on the right. Just relax and take your time, at least 10minutes. Making this list is part of the process of transformation. It is about bringing the shadow to the surface with self compassion.Think of all areas of your life, your different roles, hobbies, jobs, day to day tasks etc. This exercise is about getting a good sense of how you perceive your confidence across the board.


  1. Definition of Self Confidence is having trust in yourself. It is not about trusting in your particular skills or in different life aspects. It is about trusting yourself as a whole person as your skills develop and change. Your true confidence is innate, but your perception of your confidence has been conditioned to change based on your skills. It is time to change this. Your Self Confidence depends on this change in inclination.   


  1. Looking at our skills and knowledge in different life aspects can perceive a lack of confidence or an abundance of confidence. What is changing is your skills As a confident person, you can be familiar with some things and unfamiliar with some other things. When you need to learn what is unfamiliar, you will access appropriate resources as needed. You have done this and will continue to do this naturally. This is about bringing that inclination to the surface now.


  1. Have a look at your list of life aspects you feel confident in.

Which of these life aspects did you at some point not feel much confidence in?


It may feel like you have always had confidence in these life aspects on the left compared to the right where you cannoyou will realise that you feel confident because you accessed resources and did learn what you needed and this will continue as needed.


here was a time when your perception of how confident in some of these areas was little or none.


You can begin to trust in the confidence of your whole person, knowing that it is constant, though your of confidence may change when you face something unfamiliar.


  1. Hold on to your list for Module 2. The truth is that it is natural to be confident in some life aspects and perceive oneself as not confident in others. Perception of your own confidence can come from a place of trust lack or from a place of trust abundance.


Is your perception of your self-confidence coming from a place of Lack or Abundance?:


To what degree are you operating from an Abundance Mindset?

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