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Strong people can need help too.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

It is ok to need a helping hand. It is ok to be whole, complete, happy on your own or with your beloved and appreciate help and even enjoy being pampered as you carve your path.

You see your strength. You give of your self, you help, support and nurture others. You now know that you are strong. Yes, It does take a while for us to see our own strength because we built it from a place of fragility. Then a time comes when we let go of that fragile perception of ourselves and we see our own strength. We really come to see it. As we dwell in empowered perception, we grow in our own self love and self worth.

“Knowing our strength is different from knowing our worth“.

As we grow our self worth, we come to clarify where we need to be complemented, where we need help for our own goals, our own desires. We come to appreciate that having help does not weaken us, it enhances who we are, it makes for an even better life for us. This is what we come to embrace. If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place. You are ready to really love and accept yourself. To Live and enjoy your life more fully.

Keep using your experiences to clarify what you want more of and what you want less of. It is a journey.

For instance, You may know you need a helping hand now and again, but it appears no one around you offers help or can help. This experience is key to clarify what help you really want in your life. Yes, It may be this frustrating experience of not getting help that allows you to clarify that you would actually like some help.

You may feel let down that the relationship or connection was unhelpful towards your goal/task but do not shoot the messenger (angel), the other person or stay frustrated with the contrasting experience. You can feel the dis ease, the pain even with no attachment. You choose to hold the lesson. A time comes when you are thankful for experiences that helped you clarify the type of help you need, the colour and shape of that help. You need not have any judgement, as this is about your help, your colour, your shape. What you hold, what you believe, is yours to have.

The pleasurable and the contrasting experiences that help us clarify more of what we want and what do not want are gifts really. Make what you need to make of the experience that has helped you clarify, of the messenger, in a way that appreciates the gift and serves the relationship.

After clarifying the type of help we need, it is up to us to communicate it, not to manipulate, control or change the other, but to make your needs known. Express your need for the type of help, in a way that shows you are not necessarily trying to change the messenger/ your partner. You are simply communicating the type of connection that you now know serves you best. As you express what best serves you, self worthiness grows.

Once your need is expressed, in a way that honours you and your partner/connection, you hold your clarity and observe, letting the experience be or you may choose to let it go.

Do what gives you inner peace most of all. Stay with your peace even if it feels slightly unfamiliar.

As you clarify what YOU want, what help for you looks like, as you hold the desire for what you really want, energy shifts, you change the game, you change your level of engagement and attract the type/nature of connections that serve you better for your highest good.


I am a Clarity and Emotional Freedom Coach. I empower you to cultivate emotional mastery. learn more about my Courses and programs here

Take the steps you need for your even more fulfilling life.

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