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Sovereignty & Compulsion

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I have recently been focusing on Sovereignty. Why it is important to own it in our day to day.

Sovereignty is the power we have as individuals to manage all parts of us as the non divided self, pure consciousness that we truly are.

How does Sovereignty relate to everyday life?

For instance, with compulsive behaviour such as emotional eating, when we get endless food cravings, food addiction etc, we often find ourselves fighting with our own self as we try to resolve these compulsions. How does our being a sovereign being apply to these types of maladaptive behaviours that can be tricky to manage.

Firstly, what is happening to us with compulsive behaviours.

Factors of compulsive behaviour could stem from trauma, emotional, psychological or biological issues. Our body and mind feel out of our control and we struggle to self regulate.

In compulsive behaviours, we find that one part of us is feeling unsafe, fearful and reallly wanting to be seen, acknowledged, held. Yet another part of us avoids looking at what is creating that fear, avoids the underlying beliefs, and would rather engage in the compulsive behaviour. It is easier to stay addicted to the maladaptive behaviour.

Beliefs play a big role in compulsive behaviour.

An example is emotional eating. There is an underlying belief with emotional eating that says "food brings comfort and love". This belief stems from trauma encounters where comfort and love was felt from eating, rather from significant caregivers. The belief inspires the act, repeatedly, way beyond unhealthy proportions.

Recovery from compulsive eating involves us coming to realise and accept that the belief we are acting on, such as the belief that food brings comfort is actually not 💯 true for us anymore.

We need to be honest with ourselves to integrate parts of us holding beliefs that no longer serve our best health.

There is no right or wrong in beliefs with any of our parts, it is more about timing. What served then but actually not serving anymore. We are simply calling for the change.

In Recovery, we move away from perceptions of separation between our different expressions of self within, our inner child composite.

We are one non divided self that holds different aspects exploring themes and understanding more of who we are.

Understanding the symptoms of our compulsive behaviour goes a long way as we take time to honestly explore the beliefs behind each symptom to change.

When I work on clarity calls with my clients, we use cognitive behaviour therapy and energy healing to explore and reframe the beliefs and actions aligning to Oneness, as the sovereign beings we are.

We come up with a new set of beliefs and new actions that work best in this time.

For instance, there are healthier foods or drinks to choose from that we can believe will bring comfort too. There are creative activities we also can believe bring comfort, such as exercise, listening to music, writing, breathwork, meditation etc.

Taking time to set up these options that will work in the now is key.

So that when we feel the compulsive trigger emerge, eg craving to eat, we can take a 3 second pause to act as the sovereign being we are, on new beliefs taking new actions.

Setting the actions up in advance goes a long way.

Sovereignty is our expanded power from within. It is easier to handle our encounters and experience. Much like it is easier having a group of helpful folks helping you lift a car out of a ditch. We can access the quantum energy within to align with the grace and support of All That Is, just by setting our intention to change and to follow through.

With compulsive behaviour, practice is key for recovery, to work with modalities that help us discover the underlying beliefs behind the behaviour of parts of us and form new habits.

From time to time we find a need to change the habits within our different parts, roles, could be us as the student, mother, scientist, manager, footballer, teacher etc will face an encounter that leaves us with a contracted sense of self. This is a call for a new habit and resistance usually leads to compulsive behaviours.

When it is time for a change, we can pause with intent to allow the infinite power within to strengthen the process of integration of those limiting beliefs with our true authentic self, with loving compassion.

We can reframe the limiting belief with loving intention for the change we seek, which could be healthier eating, preferred weight, more energised etc.

Recovery, Change regardless of the modality we work with, can be more effortless when we surrender to the sovereign power within.

Stepping away from the struggle of the mental, physical and emotional into the spirit being in that moment of trigger. This is what I do with clients in the SMITT Program.

We can allow the anxious, fearful parts of us to feel safe and loved again.

The comfort we experience from integrating a part of us is felt in totality. We feel this comfort all over us and our frequency of vibration as the energy being we are rises.

We feel even more inspired to take the actions that inspire us.

Pause to Hold with love the parts of you that feel separate in any moment and align deeper to your sovereign power to embody all your agencies in Oneness.

There is also a light language activation for compulsive eating to support recovery on my channel.

Be gentle with self.


I am a Speaker, Coach, Author, Teacher and Energy Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

My work is based on Psychology, Metaphysics, Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing and Light Language Channeling

Access my free resources toolkit here

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