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Safe Enough to Succeed

Updated: May 14, 2023

Success in our next level requires us to feel safe enough to be seen and recognised, in higher levels of visibility.

We may be successful doing something amongst friends and family but struggle to do it as a profession. We may be successful creating in a 9-5 role but struggle to do the very same thing as an entrepreneur.

I came to this realisation when so much of what I was doing to move forward in my career brought little return. I have also found with clients over the years that at first there may be some discomfort to trust being seen or recognised for one's efforts or work. And then more return on investment is received as inner fears to create more freely, to resolve the inner critic, to be even more authentic are resolved.

Expanding into our next level Success is impacted by our own reservations, our fears about being seen, having higher expectations placed on us by self and others.

The higher expectations we resist or fear can be met beyond our imagination.

We often attribute success to many factors including culture, race, education, time, qualifications, etc. These factors do have a part to play but we will always find those who succeed regardless or even because of these factors.

Attributing success, our next level success in any area to an external factor is a denial of our true authentic power.

We are powerful manifestors and our creative freedom knows no bounds.

We have the power to explore less success or more success but this personal power, our self agency is not always a comfortable realisation.

It is worth taking time to reflect on what we are attributing our success to. In some aspects of our life, we may find we are inclined to lean towards internal factors and then in some areas, lean towards external factors.

Becoming intentionally consistent in our empowered self agency, in how we manifest success freely in all areas of our life takes practice.

I found on reflection that I owned my self agency in achieving success in parenting or education more than achieving success in my entrepreneurship, especially with my spiritual business.

I did not feel safe enough to step up as an entrepreneur, projecting my fears unto others. This self awareness and clearing the distortions within me made the difference in my business.

If in our reflection we come to embody victimhood or a feeling of helplessness, then we become stuck. On the other hand, if in our reflection we embody a deeper awareness of who we truly are, beings of light, we vibrate in a higher frequency.

Everything serves our growth into higher frequency. It is a question of pace and flow.

Staying stuck in victimhood, not wanting to be seen, recognised by others for fear of being criticised, punished or banished will allow us explore this low frequency places till we get to our zero tolerance threshold levels, where we feel we need a reset and decide to become more conscious and intentional.

Life is all about exploration. So the question is What are you wanting to explore at this time for your next level of success.

Are there any limiting beliefs you or your social setting hold about this area of expansion?

Being successful in our endeavours, creating freely, consciously pushing beyond the limiting beliefs and reaching the masses, requires us to feel ok to be seen authentically far and wide.

Success requires us to keep facing our deeper fears. It requires us to not be anxious about being criticised and judged for that particular area.

Success requires us to be accepting of what we are doing, what we want to do, of who we truly are.

It requires understanding our thoughts and beliefs, letting go of what limits us in the present.

There is no way we will put ourselves in the public arena, or allow our higher public recognition, if we do not feel safe within.

This is the relationship between feeling safe and success.

Our next level success depends on how safe we feel now.

If we feel we will be judged or not supported and we perceive that we need this external acceptance, we will hold our own self back. Survival is instinctive.

How do we feel comfortable with being seen and recognised when we have been raised to hide?

This is the work I do with my clients who choose to deep dive to learn how to transform our conditioned imprints within, to build self regulation.

Using whatever modality, for instance, energy healing, light language activations, hypnosis, inner inquiry, meditation that helps to identify and release fear based beliefs of lack, to feel safer within, to trust and accept our true powerful self from a place of unconditional love, will allow us the permission to consciously create freely for our expanded success into all areas of our life.

We are unconditionally supported intuitively and worthy of thriving and flourishing beyond survival.

Trusting in our true intuitive protection helps us see beyond the limiting conditioned mind programs and explore our next levels of success with more ease and flow.


I am a Speaker, Coach, Author, Teacher and Energy Practitioner.

If you are interested in experiencing a change in your outlook, outcomes or experiences and want to work with me as your coach, check out my SMITT Emotional Mastery program here

My work is based on Psychology, Metaphysics, Trauma Informed Quantum Energy Healing and Light Language Channeling

Access my free resources toolkit here

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