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Friday, February 5th & 12th 2021 

PST time zone: 2 - 4.30pm

EST time zone: 5 - 7.30pm

BST time zone: 10pm - 12.30am

Friday, February 19th & 26th 2021 

PST time zone: 2 - 4.30pm

EST time zone: 5 - 7.30pm

BST time zone: 10pm - 12.30am

Friday, March 5th & 12th 2021

PST time zone: 2 - 4.30pm

EST time zone: 5 - 7.30pm

BST time zone: 10pm - 12.30am

Clarify Your Lucrative Niche Masterclass
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Fee is £197


"First, I have to say that it was a pleasure to meet and be guided through this process by you!  You’re such a lovely person, I wish I could know you in real life. This class was clarifying and enlightening.  I was able to think deeper and differently.  Not only was my niche reaffirmed, but I now have some ideas to help me tweak my messaging around it to attract the right people for me. And learning about Google Keyword Planner was a bonus!  That is a tool I’ll use again and again. Thanks again, Bola"


"Thank you for your effort in creating a course that really drills down and offers a concrete path for us to develop a meaningful outlet for our passions. Your love for the work shows through the content and thoughtful questions! - LW, USA

"Thank you Bola. I appreciate your follow ups and reminders"


" Thank you Bola! This was an amazingly helpful class. I'm so         glad I signed up" - AW, USA

Grow your income from what you enjoy doing!

Rock what you are good at!

Nail your best offer for your best niche!


Clarifying your Lucrative Niche is fundamental to your self confidence, marketing and business strategy.


In this masterclass, you will first clarify what your ideal gift/talent is, out of all the gifts, skills and talents that you have.


You will clarify your ideal client and the lucrative micro niche for your business.


You will learn to identify which clients suit you best at this time.


You will feel at ease with your offer based on your knowledge, life experience, passion, and skills.


Many of us who have faced trauma, may avoid seeing or accepting what we are really good at.


This is a symptom of the Imposter Syndrome where all evidence of good capability is ignored. I have been there.


You struggle to own what appeals to you because you feel like you do not belong, like you are not good enough.


You can overcome this. It is possible.


Sometimes we struggle with clarifying our niche, because we do not realise how fast we are growing and that our business goals are wanting to grow and evolve with alongside us.


This masterclass supports you to clarify your best offer and define what is most important to you now.


You will be supported through exercises, reflection, and group feedback, to overcome imposter syndrome and bridge the common fears about selecting a lucrative niche for your new or evolving business.

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This masterclass supports you to clarify your business clarity around your ideal offer.


You get see the purpose of your personal story and change unhelpful narrative that is holding you back. You get to understand yourself and release the past in order to hold another in compassion.


This course helps you:

  • release what restricts you around your niche

  • reframe your self perception

  • reaffirm your offer &

  • define how your niche is most important to you now.


You get to explore, go within, connect with self, release hidden fears and clarify your best niche fit. The masterclass includes a special google keyword planner training.


Participants receive support with:

  • Pre class exercises before Day One,

  • Homework for Day Two 

  • Support for a week after the Day Two.

  • You are supported throughout the two weeks. 


Bola is there to help you make this massive leap, in the live video sessions, through exercises, reflection, homework and group feedback, to resolve the common fears about defining your ideal offer, selecting a lucrative niche for your new or evolving business.

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