The challenge is now over


The latest challenge will be held in My FB Group

Say YES if you want ......

  • to let go but too much history is stopping you

  • to stop feeling the ache of the memories

  • to be relieved of the painful past that still hums in you

  • to put an end to what is done and start afresh

  • to feel a new version of you

  • to dwell deeper in your spiritual awakening

If you said YES, then my

#5DaysForgivenessChallenge is for you

If you cannot leave the past behind and embrace the present, you do not allow your dreams. 

Worse, you do not experience the part of you that is freely abundant!

It is no fun being choked up!!

Let me help you lead with confidence as an expert in my #5DaysConfidenceChallenge!

The #5DayConfidenceChallenge 

gives you key strategies based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology to:

  • show up as a leader in your field

  • grow your influence

  • expand your business online

This will result in more

followers, fans, recognition and income potential by the end of January 2021.

Are you ready to feel more confident as a leader in your field online?

Want me to tell you a bit of what the challenge covers?

Over the 5 days, you will experience....

Day One

Day Two







Powerful Strategies to overcome anxiety, fears, limitations and doubts to ignite your dreams, goals and intentions.

Understand the formula for Leadership Confidence and showing up as a leader in your field online.

Release blocks & Upgrade your entire vibration for deeper heart mind connection for self confidence and abundant flow

Shift your relationship with your self, increase your attraction to your micro-niche and step into your leadership confidence

Lead with confidence and influence in your niche, with increased visibility and engagement as an expert in your field online

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll be given daily live video training, prompts, concrete exercises, strategies, practices and tools that are rooted in neuroscience and cognitive psychology.


With over 20 years of experience in the field of psychology, healthcare, stress and trauma, Bola is an entrepreneur and Emotional Freedom Coach, who helps her clients manage their thoughts and emotions better for improved emotional freedom, leadership and business sales. 



Member, British Psychological Society

Member, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) UK

Member, International Association of Trauma Recovery Coach (IAOTRC)

Member, Melanated Trauma Coaches





IN 2021