" This is my first month in Bola's Manifest Your Next Program and I can now see how I am not my ego!! I am not sure yet, if I can live without it, but I am confident that in the next few months with Bola's help I will release the fear" - J Rowlands (Canada)

"The impact on my staff is evident in the improved timeliness of projects. Thanks to Bola Abimbola's Clarity Training Day. Well worth it" - S. Jacobs, Multilinks.    

One to One "INNER CONNECT" Leadership Program (4 mths).

Eight online 90 minute sessions

My INNER CONNECT program is highly bespoke, customised to your individual needs and journey. 

General STEPS over  8 sessions include 

  • Dissolution of Ego

  • Filtration, Conjunction, Fermentation & Distillation of Beliefs 

  • Coagulation of your Authentic Self 

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Organisational Leadership Development programs

My organisational development programs are customised to increase creativity and performance in your particular organisation in your competitive environment.


I design bespoke organisational programs that ensure:

  • Organisational goals and strategy are clearly communicated

  • Transparency is improved

  • Strategic goals are cascaded to operational targets

  • Collaboration between teams/departments is driven

  • Decision making is distributed as relevant.

My organisational programs are unique because I place emphasis on internal stakeholder learning and development. It is important to retain committed Leaders/Managers /Staff and attract ideal people. Internal stakeholders are encouraged to raise the bar of their own individual personal development, clarify their own goals, hold empowering mindsets and daily habits. Alignment to organisational goals is always more sustainable when Internal stakeholders recognise and commit to mutual commonality.

The creativity and performance of an organisation is directly related to the creativity and performance levels of its internal stakeholders. Responsiveness to the target market and environmental challenges become collaborative goals.

Programs can be half day or one day duration and usually face to face depending on your needs.


I carry out a needs analysis at a complimentary discovery call and ascertain your needs and key challenges. I revert with a customised program outline.


Click here to book a discovery call with me to explore more.



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