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Awaken & Lead as True Self with Unconditional Love

My journey into Emotional Mastery started at 18, when the seed about two selfs was planted in my mind. I cultivated my understanding and knowledge of True Self using a range of modalities via trainings with several teachers and mentors. My passion is to facilitate deeper connections with awareness and higher conscious living, through stillness, emotional intelligence and compassionate inner inquiry. I support my clients to cultivate loving relationships with self and others, using powerful modalities of energy healing and gentle inner inquiry. The support is ongoing to transform mind and deepen spiritual practice

after spiritual awakening. 


BSc. Psychology, The Self Awareness Doyen,

Author of Daily Soul Bytes book

Coach, Energy Practitioner,
Creator of
 SMITT Emotional Mastery System.

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Signature Membership Program 

This program supports you to deepen self awareness to discern subtle frequencies, information in your day to day experiences. To align, cultivate and enjoy your calm essence of being as you transmute the physical ego narratives

Release deep self limiting patterns to create new neural pathways using the SMITT system. Manifest and experience more preferred synchronicity. Assisted by energy healing and light activations, you reconnect to your deeper heart's intentions, to Stillness, to guide you on your heart focused high frequency reality in emotional freedom.

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Kickstart the detachment from ego with gentle multilevel reprogramming to hold and perceive higher frequencies in your day to day reality as you release toxic, limiting patterns of thought and beliefs


The entire course consists of subliminal audios you play in the background.

As you listen and experience the audios, your subconscious mind is transformed to a higher frequency reality. These audios are produced with affirmations heard at a whisper level, for deeper integration, effortlessly between your conscious and subconscious mind. 

This session above is one of 12 sessions in the entire HEAL YOUR MIND course.


Healing in a simple, effortless yet effective and powerful audio course

All you need is:

> access to the internet
> Play in the background for 1 hr a day for 21 days

> Play while you sleep for 21 nights



Thank you Bola! Your SMITT program changed my life. My self worth, network and net worth has tripled ~ I.M. USA

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