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All you need is:

> access to the internet
> Play for 1 hr a day for 21 days

> Play while you sleep for 21 nights

Are you ready to retrain your mind?

Are you ready to release all the falsehoods holding you back from living in your true full potential?


Are you ready to hold empowering mindsets and ignite your Influence, Impact & Success from your true core?


Are you ready to allow your True Self, your Higher Self achieve your expanded vision for your life?


Are you tired of feeling that your insecurities, doubts, fears and pain are holding you back from living your full expanded potential?


Are you ready to dig deep and release the imprints which cause stubborn limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings.


You know that these imprints were created by experiences in your childhood and adulthood. You have tried to release them but it feels like you are battling with your own self.


You have worked at letting these blocks go, but you still feel held back from attracting the people, experiences and opportunities that you desire.


Well now is the time for you to break free from these limits and create the life you truly want.

It is time to HEAL YOUR MIND

I know exactly how you feel 

My name is Bola Abimbola. I am a Mental Health Practitioner. I suffered from severe anxiety, low self esteem and crippling self hatred throughout my twenties and thirties. I did not have clarity about my needs and just went with the crowd feeling helpless about my own life. I allowed experiences that did not serve me in all areas of my life. Even as I achieved academic success, I just never felt good enough. The strive for perfectionism is often driven by shame and a very common experience the world over, amongst high achievers, regardless of location,  gender, social status  or creed.

Even as I began to understand that my painful feelings and inner discomfort were because of my traumatic childhood and adult experiences (which included childhood sexual abuse, having narcissistic care givers, abandonment, divorce as an adult), I still struggled with how to let go of negative & critical voices. I say all this about my past reality to inspire you to connect with your own reality and to keep transforming to your new reality.


I had lots of therapy and went on medication, to be highly functional in my fast paced work,  but it was a struggle to have inner peace and feel calm. It came to a point that I felt It was ok to stay with the familiar discomfort. I did not know or believe anymore that it was possible to be any different. It felt impossible to be confident, calm and authentic. And then I came across subliminal programming as a permission slip which rewired the definitions and beliefs in my mind.  

To release our unhelpful thoughts is a struggle if we are operating with a mind that has been altered by trauma and social conditioning.


It is POSSIBLE with Personal Transformation!! 

I want to show you how to do this in my three week course, 21 days exactly. You will be given the tools and instructions to retrain your mind for optimal mind, body and spirit success. These are proven scientific bio technology tools in the field of personal transformation. It will not just change the way you think, it will rewire your mind, create an empowering mindset and help you embrace your true self,  which is ultimate creative intelligence.

This course is simple and quick. You press play and allow the tools to connect to the subconscious part of your mind, your egoic self, to transform from the inside out. These tools do not require the permission of the conscious or even subconscious egoic self to work. The transformation takes place effortlessly within your mind as you commit daily, listening to the audio tools.

All you need is:

> access to the internet
> Listen in the background for 1 hr a day for 21 days

> Play while you sleep for 21 nights

Below are some client testimonials. It is my soul purpose as a healer and coach to help you transform and transcend duality into higher frequency realities. Your being on this page is a sign that this resonates with you:

"As I began to listen to the heal your mind subliminal I immediately felt my body reacting. Follow the instructions to breath and drink lots of water. This course is life changing. It does not only change your mind. It changes your body too. I used to feel a lot of tension in my body and this is no longer the case. Thank you Bola" 

~ R.S. Seattle USA


" It has been 7 days and the buzz I feel when I wake up is amazing. I have suffered from depression for years after childhood trauma. This heal your mind course has made a difference. I recommend it"

~ H.P. Pakistan


" The sounds are soothing and the course is well put together. Simple and powerful. Instant effect. Thank you Bola"

~ L.A. Lagos, Nigeria


My clients are just like you. They wanted to release their egoic self limiting beliefs, heal their minds, body and embrace their true self.  They wanted to upgrade their worth and liberate their authentic true self into all areas of their lives including their relationships, income and careers/businesses.

You are frustrated now because a part of you knows that you have the potential to achieve more of your dreams and next levels.  But part of you also feels limited from within. It is painful to know that You have the Universe inside of you, a limitless core, but you are unable to push past parts of your own mind, your egoic self. 

I deeply resonate with your struggles. I know what it is, to be filled with doubt, to feel helpless in an aspect. I know what it is, to go out and conquer, but not feel safe in your own home, not to mention expanding beyond your current comfort zone. I know what it feels like, to be dissociated, hypervigilant, highly sensitive and severely anxious everyday. You have tried so many strategies and tools, but yet years later, it still feels like one step forward and two steps back in this aspect. You want to move forward and achieve your goals and dreams, but you hardly know how to get from here to there.


With the transformational tools in this course, I transformed my mindset and my life in one month, even parts that I had been working on for over 20 years. My results led me to study subliminal programming. 

In 21 days, following the instructions, you will transcend your limiting thoughts and beliefs barriers, liberate your authentic self & operate from your true core. You will find it effortless to embrace opportunities with confidence & conviction from within.

You will think more positively, increase your self worth, improve your memory, gain more confidence, attract more money, and more....You will see a major impact in all areas of your life. 


You will live with more CLARITY as your authentic self  flowing more with life.

The Course includes the following:

·         My Intro Video with short instructions and guidance for the 21 days

·        Two  subliminal audio sessions of selected powerful "I AM" affirmations that I have crafted, targeting four areas:


·         Twelve audio sessions of affirmations embedded in a range of sounds including rainfall, spa, ocean, classical, acoustic, relaxation, workout and brown noise (which deeply induces sleep).

·         Each of the four targeted areas come in three different sounds and are available for you to listen in a loop for as long as you want. 

·         Each audio session also contains four techniques: back to back, stereo confusion, lightning & reverse speed. These techniques ensure your conscious mind is bypassed and the affirmations are delivered direct to your subconscious.  Any doubts in your conscious mind are tackled at a subconscious level. The sessions are designed so that some affirmations are barely heard by your conscious mind for more powerful synergy. 

Within a few days, you will begin to experience the impact of changes.  

·     You are getting Limitless hours of professionally produced subliminal audios & the full list of affirmations.

·         The regular price for this package is £250 but it is available for you here at a discounted rate.


Now Is The Time to Break Free From Your Limits!

The Investment for the course is £70

You can access the course immediately.  

You get an email straightaway with the course link.

You start to retrain & heal your mind!

This is the time for you to step forward to attract your next levels in every area of your life. The creation of your intimate relationships, multi six figures and beyond in your career/business, your quiet inner peace in your heart, your soulmate connections, your limitless abundance has always been in your power.


You are choosing to Release the falsehoods, the blocks and embrace your True Core

Honor Your Choice NOW



After payment, you will receive your Welcome email.

Check your spam if you do not receive the email immediately.

Contact me here if there are any issues with accessing your course

Heal Your Mind Course @ £70

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