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When we reflect on our past, we often have memories of good and not so good experiences. We are always learning from pleasure as well as from harsh experiences, lack of information, mis-information or misunderstandings. 


We tend to hold unto resentment, disappointment or bitterness and begin to feel unworthy. We feel this is what is familiar and tend to believe that we will not be able to change or deal with something less familiar. When we have had so much turmoil which made us feel hopeless and unable to make a difference, we feel safer with the familiar territory of low worth. This feeling of safety in this place is the reason we hold firmly to the same low vibration beliefs and experiences, even in the face of discomfort or dis-ease.

As we hold on to this feeling of safety, we keep ourselves small. We do not pursue our passion/purpose to allow a bigger flow of abundance in our reality.

In order to open up to receiving more and fulfilling our passion /purpose, we are invited to look at our past through the lens of Love, allowing everything and everyone to become our greatest teachers in Love. We are invited to see an overview and become non attached to our past, focusing on the opportunities and experiences that we have in the present.

This work helps you understand that everything on your journey has allowed you become the person you are today, to have the knowledge and wisdom you have today.  You are not the same person you used to be and you are still carving your path one step at a time. 

Instead of wishing things had been different, staying stuck on your mistakes and replaying negativity in your minds, you only come to appreciate the threads of your shadow self.

In this module, you will learn the value of Radical Non Attachment and how to use it. You learn to let go of your past, knowing the gain you had from it, allowing yourself redefine who you are more fully in the present and paving the way for your abundant future.

You will learn how Radical Non Attachment helps you to expand and become a bigger vessel so that you can embrace your healthy window of tolerance and pursue your passion/purpose freely guided by Higher Mind.

Stay kind and be gentle to yourself as you work with this module. Feel free to reach out to me for extra support if you need.

Module Three Worksheet: Radical Non Attachment

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