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Well done on doing the inner work in Module 2. I promise you that was the hardest part. It is important that you do the guided meditation before moving on to this Module 3. So go back to Module 2 now and do the meditation if you have not done it yet.


Module 2 was about letting go of limiting memories that are affecting your perception of yourself in different aspects of your life, the actual experiences that on the surface may appear irrelevant but are very much still prevalent. I invite you to take deep breaths and get ready to reflect on the lessons that you have already learnt from these experiences, so that you can now release the memories. I assure you that it will be worth it and this is why you are here. 


It is our natural inclination to want to hold on to intense memories and define who we are by them. Manytimes we do not want to lose good memories in the process of letting go of limiting memories. We attach a lot of our identity to our memories.


However I want to invite you to define your personality more by the lessons you have learnt and the life themes that you are exploring in your journey. It might become clear to you, that your experiences actually do have a pattern of learning and themes. As you understand these patterns, for example, abandonment experiences. sabotage experiences, lack experience, these patterns or themes then becomes easier to change. We do this by conscious choice. This is what I invite you to do in this Module, to see the life themes and choose more empowering themes in your new life story. The impact will be a seed planted in your mind that these is the next level of experience that will now define who you are.


You are always learning and teaching, from pleasure as well as from harsh experiences, lack of information, mis-information or misunderstandings. Our learning is ongoing. It is helpful to begin to hold onto the lessons rather than the painful memories.


Let me delve into why it is really important to go through this change, even if it feel unfamiliar and fearful. it is natural for there to be some resistance, and do engage in my free group here for you to be supported through this.


There is usually always some resistance to letting go of our painful memories and experiences. Naturally you hold onto resentment, disappointment or bitterness. This is a natural human inclination, due to social conditioning but it leaves us feeling unworthy. When you have had so much turmoil, repeatedly, which made you feel hopeless and unable to make a difference, you feel safer with the familiar territory of low worth, even in the face of discomfort or dis-ease. You believe that you will not be able to change or deal with something less familiar. You also can feel that those around you may reject or abandon your changed self. So you hold onto the limiting memories.


The truth is that those around you will adjust as you adjust, because all they are is a reflection of you. It is best for you to achieve the change that will create your true sense of worth which is then reflected around you.

As you hold on to feeling safe, you also hold on to limiting memories and stay constricted. You do not pursue your passion/purpose to allow a bigger flow of abundance in your reality.

In order to open up to receiving more and fulfilling your passion /purpose, I invite you to look at your past memories through the lens of Love, allowing everything and everyone to become your greatest teachers in Love. I invite you to see the lessons only and become non attached to the actual experience, focusing on the opportunities and experiences that you now have as a result of the experiences.

This course is to help you understand that everything on your journey has allowed you to become the person you are today, with your knowledge and wisdom. You are not the same person you used to be and you are still carving your path one step at a time for even more fulfilment. 

Instead of wishing things had been different, staying stuck on mishaps/tragedies and replaying negativity in your minds, you only come to appreciate the threads of your shadow self.

In this module, you will learn the value of Radical Detachment and how to use it. You learn to let go of your past, knowing the gain you had from it, allowing yourself to redefine who you are more fully in the present and paving the way for your abundant future.

You will learn how Radical Detachment helps you to expand and reconnect to your true authentic self, so that you can pursue your passion/purpose.

Stay kind and be gentle with yourself as you work with this module. Feel free to reach out to me for extra support in my private community here or in my more in-depth programs.

Module Three Workbook: Radical Detachment into Authenticity

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