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Module One was to highlight to you the degree to which your self worth and confidence is flowing in accordance with your abundant true self.


This course will help you connect more with your true self which simply knows it is worthy and confident and operates from this place everyday in every way.

The self worth we perceive we hold within is mostly based on a core belief that we are not enough as we are.

You may feel called to start a business or non profit, to teach, create financial resources for your family, pursue a degree or career, create a program for children but you struggle with anxiety, aggression and stress.


Believing that you are flawed, unlovable, and unworthy at the core of your being, will often feel like a dark secret. A dark secret that you carry around with you and desperately try to cover up by engaging in everything from over-giving, pleasing, proving, pretending, and numbing. Operating this way whilst trying to rescue others means that we do not tend to our own inner self.

You are not responsible for the happiness of other people and you do not have to do anything to justify your existence. The fact that you exist means that you are worthy. There is no mistake in creation.

This module will help you to let go of the conditioning of the past that brings about the notion that you are not enough and embrace the truth that you are a beautiful child of this abundant, magnificent universe!

Embracing our Divine Worth creates the foundation for fulfilling our passion, our purpose.

Module Two Worksheet: Embracing Your Divine Worth

Guided Meditation to heal your past self
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