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Module One highlighted how your perception makes a difference to feeling confident.


I now invite you to get a feel of the daily inclination of how you perceive your own abilities. You now have a reminder to lean towards abundance of trust in the whole self, as opposed to a lack of trust in parts of self.


This course will help you connect more with your true self, your whole authentic self, which is worthy and confident.


Module Two is about tuning in to this whole self. 

When you think of your self worth and hold a perception of "I am not good enough" it is because you are looking again at parts of yourself rather than the whole of you. There may be memories you have of certain things/places or events where you felt disappointed or even traumatised. There are certain lessons that you have learnt from these past memories that are more valuable to hold than the feeling of disappointment or trauma. I invite you as you take this next set of exercises to be willing to look at the lessons, and most importantly, to let the memories go through a guided meditation to heal your past self.


Your self worth and self confidence exist intact. It is the perceptions of a limited self worth and confidence that affect how you feel, which impacts behaviour. This Module will help you let go of the past memories that no longer serve your present. Make up your mind now to let go of past memories that limit you and trust that this will happen. 

It is often at this point that you may feel some doubt from the inner critic about taking action. There is the inner critic that reminds you of past struggles when you are just about to take steps towards a present goal. You almost feel like you carry a dark secret which you cannot share. 


You are familiar with this dark secret and have become focused on covering it up by engaging in everything from over-giving, pleasing, proving, pretending, defending, rationalising and numbing. Operating this way whilst trying to rescue others means that we do not tend to our own self. Time goes by and our perceptions of who we really are remain flawed, unless we change. 

You are not responsible for the happiness of other people and you do not have to do anything to justify your existence. The fact that you exist means that you are worthy. There is no mistake in creation. 

This course is about you letting go of perceptions of low worth which stem from past trauma. I invite you to

see and embrace your true authentic self and accept that you are creative, divine and abundant.

Embracing this Divine Worth creates the foundation to skyrocket your self confidence and fulfil your passion, your purpose.

The workbook and the meditation are best done together in one sitting, to help you embody and ground the new definitions you will create. 

Module Two Worksheet: Embracing Your Divine Worth

Guided Meditation to heal your past self

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