SMITT Program

Meditation and Intuitive Leadership Development


Next intake starts on

Saturday April 23rd

4.30 - 7.30pm GMT

Layout of Monthly session

(1:1 sessions available)

  • Check in (Q & A) using my SMITT template

  • Reflection & Mindset shift on current challenges

  • Meditation 

  • Education, information and guidance to release inner limits using Meditation, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Embodiment approach

  • Reiki Energy Healing


 12 month Program

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Would you like to:

  • be more in the present, in creative flow

  • react and respond differently to what happens around you and within you,

  • step above the daily mental chaos

  • experience more inner calm and stillness

  • upscale your confidence & focus 

  • connect deeply to your heart and the heart of others with compassion. 

Who is this program for?

No one (Myself included) really wants to give up their personal identity, their story, their wants and desires for a higher cause or our true Self that they don't know, that they don't understand or have in their mind, experienced. It's hard.


It is easy to let go of the memories that cause us pain but not the memories we love, that we relive over and over again.


It is easy to let go of the thoughts about the future that cause us anxiety. Like how am I going to pay for the rent or Christmas. But it's hard to let go of the thoughts & mind stories we love to entertain ourselves with in which we are the star of the show and everything is going our way.


But in order to live in the moment, have our highest creative expression, that is exactly what we must do.


The egoic mind will not surrender its life easily and not without a fight. And a fight is exactly what Life will give you as it is in sync with your true Self, not your egoic self & trust me when I tell you, Life will win. It always in all ways does eventually.


Therefore sadly, it is most often only suffering that cracks open the ego to allow the Truth - or true authentic Self, to be revealed.


'You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens' ~ Rumi

Do you want a professional safe space for the practice and cultivation of high emotional intelligence, based on the proven scientific methods of energy healing, mindfulness, meditation, neuroplasticity, forgiveness, cognitive behaviour therapy?  

If your answer is Yes..then this program is for you.

So what is Emotional Intelligence? It is the capacity to understand and manage your emotions and sensations for your own improved outcomes and those of your interactions with others in business and personal life (Dan Goleman 1995).

This Meditation and Intuitive Development program is about intentional practice, (holding an intention and giving  your self permission to succeed as you take consistent actions, no matter what),  to master your emotions, cultivate emotional intelligence and intuitive confidence over 12 months, empowered by me as your Coach, using my proven SMITT system and group feedback.

As well as holding your intention to understand, manage and master your emotions, sensations and feelings, in the program you get to put to practice, to cultivate the six emotional intelligence competencies, to come to apply the six competences with ease and flow. in your day to day.


Personal Development requires practice, which on our own we tend to start and drop for one reason or other.


So this is another time, an opportunity to hold the vibration you want for longer, an opportunity for breakthrough, by being in a purely supportive empowering space. mentored by a professional who will hold you accountable and support you to "walk the talk". We all as a group get to walk each other on this path together.


It is our inner essence that impacts most on the quality of your relationship with your self and with others at work, in business and at home.

So on this course you will raise your vibration by learning to better,


  • stay present as your true authentic self

  • handle feelings such as anger, shame, blame, disappointment, grief etc

  • respond to unfavourable experiences without left over regrets

  • enjoy respect for yourself and others

  • take responsibility for yourself 

  • set your boundaries with others 

  • step up, show up and shine in your creative self expression

  • interact, motivate, engage and connect with others across all levels of work and sectors of society

and many more..

How does this happen?

I offer teachings, insights, tools, templates, audits. Together we explore key areas of challenge, the beliefs/definitions that may be limiting for you towards your personal goals. You get to allow the higher mind and physical mind exist in more harmony, more congruence as an intuitive being.


First 3 months, we focus on exploring inner limits around core goals and with your intentional practice, my support and expertise, using my SMITT system, you become familiar with acknowledging your dominant inner limits and releasing them.

Throughout the 12 months, you get to practice tools that rewire your physical brain (neuroplasticity) and body (embodiment), to allow your physical mind perceive more opportunities for manifestation of your set goals.


In the last trimester you learn to trust, surrender and allow the physical ego to be driven by your higher self, through the intuition you connect with, in the way(s) you already know (or discover in the program) you experience deeper clearer intuition, from your heart. 


At the end of the program, you deeply understand and embed the six competences with compassion and are diligently guided by intuition every moment with grace, ease and flow.  

If this sounds like where you want to be in 12 months time, a higher vibration, a higher next level in areas of your life then....

If you are ready to cultivate even higher emotional mastery and learn to trust yourself even more, next level, to live your fuller soul centered life.....

You can schedule a discovery call with me here for a chat.   

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"Bola, your voice is incredible!! Your accent is so soothing and persuasive! It is hard to imagine that you were once a stammerer! I have a brother who stammers and he is coming on your program! I looked forward to our sessions. Your wisdom, compassion, authenticity and expertise is amazing!. You know your stuff. I just want to listen to you forever! I bought your subliminal audio course, just so you know. Thank you so much for your work!!.

~E Ray, London UK  

What is "Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation?" (SMITT)

Step 1


Understand your emotions, feelings, the thoughts, beliefs and definitions  manifesting your current reality. 


Step 2

Understand and Release unhelpful conditioning , for more emotional freedom and emotional intelligence.


Step 3

Cultivate a deeper intuitive connection to your heart, higher self, align with your true authentic self with a new sense of inner peace and tranquility


If you want more self acceptance, ease,  flow and intuitive leadership confidence, 

this 12 month online live video group program is for you.  

I guide you through the SMITT system process, to find and release inner limits and hold more mental, emotional clarity as well as authentic connection to your soul truth.

You cultivate a deeper heart mind connection and intuitive confidence in your business & relationships.

The Program contains:


Live Video Calls

Self & Social  


Intuitive &





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