8 - 9PM BST 30th January 2021  

This Meditation is for YOU if you want ......

  • to let go but have been taught that certain things cannot be forgiven

  • to stop feeling the ache of painful memories

  • to just put an end to what is done and start afresh

  • to heal and feel a new version of you

  • to expand your heart in your spiritual awakening process

My name is Bola Abimbola. I am a Clarity & Emotional Freedom Coach, Certified Trauma Coach & Reiki Medic Care Practitioner, who empowers leaders & coaches step forward, to lead intuitively and extraordinarily, without inner limits, in their field & teams, with clarity and high emotional intelligence, living their soulful authentic lives.


I have worked in the field of psychology, stress and trauma for over 20 years and developed “Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation” (SMITT) system. SMITT incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy, stillness, meditation, trauma recovery and neuroplasticity to improve your emotional freedom, emotional intelligence, intuitive confidence and resilience. 


I am a Teacher at the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). A Speaker, Writer, SEND Leader & also Founder of Soulspace Healing. I host the Living Daily in Worthiness & Authenticity podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Google every week. I live in London with my family and enjoy Pilates, Adyashanti gatherings, stories and nature.

My SMITT Monthly Live Video Meditation & Intuitive Leadership Development Group Program is about cultivating Emotional Intelligence, a compassionate relationship with self, understanding and managing inner thoughts, feelings and emotions for your best outcomes as well as the collective outcome, as we connect with extraordinary intuitive confidence.

If you are interested in deepening your emotional freedom and emotional intelligence, I invite you to schedule a chat with me here.


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