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Bola is best known globally for her ability to isolate and clear the ROOT CAUSE of what is holding you back in life. She is a spiritually connected coach that works intuitively to guide you to your desired goal.


Bola is dedicated to helping you become PERSONALLY EMPOWERED at a SOUL LEVEL by offering specialised spiritual coaching.  She designs personalised healing and empowerment programs that ENHANCE AND TRANSFORM lives.


She blends a variety of specialised and holistic tools to address ALL aspects of SELF: the body, the mind, the emotions, and energetic anatomy/spirit. This is very different to traditional Coaching.


Across all aspects of life, the key to success lies in your ability to live from your heart-centred AUTHENTIC SELF. When we heal and transform our relationship with ourselves, we awaken to our true strength & become an inspirational force in the world.


This level of empowerment demands the integration of deep self-knowledge, inner awareness, clear intention, fearless truth, unconditional LOVE and COMPASSION.




By taking this journey you can expect to:


@ Develop SELF-LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, self-compassion and SELF-ESTEEM


@ Be more connected to yourself and be confident being who you AUTHENTICALLY are inside


@ Genuinely increase YOUR VIBRATION and ability to MANIFEST


@ Improve ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE including relationship to yourself, others and the world


@ Overcome fears, dissolve limitations and STOP THE CYCLE of struggle and anxiety


@ Be IN CONTROL of your thoughts & emotions Experiencing a sense of lasting contentment, ABUNDANCE and GRATITUDE


@ Heal your heart, forgive and LET GO and FEEL JOYFUL


@ Connect to your LIFE PURPOSE and feel inspired every day


@ Stop the self undoing and self-sabotage and create a life that YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE.


Bola is not a standard Coach - she specialises in helping you mange your thoughts and emotions, clear negative old imprints that are unconsciously binding your power. Her philosophy is strongly anchored in the belief that 'You do not need to 'change' to become better, you merely need to be shown how to open yourself to allow your true essence and strength to rise to the surface'


Bola will help you locate the ROOT CAUSE of what is keeping you from being your true SOUL EMPOWERED self. 


“You've been a great source of encouragement for me Bola in your quiet way! It has taken me a long time to believe that I deserve the good things that life has to offer, and that I have something to offer others! Know that you have had a part in this transformation for me! Xoxo” ~ C.S., USA

The journey includes:


⭐️Weekly Online 90 minutes Live Video sessions 

⭐️ Private Facebook INNER CONNECT closed group

⭐️ Free Subliminal Audio sessions 

⭐️ Next Level Toolkit

@ £400 (£200 per month) Group coaching 

@ £1000 (£500 per month) One to one coaching

via Zoom

Book a call with Bola to start this journey now

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