Unleash Your Authentic Self (8 weeks)


This gentle but deep dive program focuses on empowering you to clear the wounds, clutter, blocks in your life whether it be emotional, mental, energetic or physical. I support you to let go of resistance and equip you with strategies and tools to grow in your confidence, moving forward in your transformation and manifesting your next level. 


Weekly Online Live Video Coaching for 8 weeks.

@ £400 (£200 per month) Group coaching 

@ £1000 (£500 per month) One to one coaching

via Zoom

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The program covers:

⭐️Releasing emotional, mental and energetic resistance from deep within you.

⭐️ Retraining your subconscious mind with optimal empowering mindset effortlessly.

⭐️ Replacing self sabotage & low self worth with unconditional love & emotional freedom.

⭐️Energy healing weekly sessions and meditations to heal and harmonise your body, chakras and aura transformations increasing your wellness.

⭐️Developing your own personal power and authority, which improves your connection with others.

⭐️ Proven bio technology tools and strategies to empower you with success daily mind and spirit routines.


In addition to the Weekly Online Live Streamed Video Coaching for 8 weeks.

You will receive access to my

⭐️ Private Facebook INNER CONNECT closed group

⭐️ Free Subliminal Audio sessions 

⭐️ Next Level Toolkit 

This program is for you if you are ready:​

  • To invest in yourself now to unleash your true self

  • To break through the mask of confusion, fear, blame and guilt

  • To remember your innocence, even if you doubt it. 

  • To be yourself again and experience:

Over 8 weeks, you will be empowered to release resistance and engage with transformational tools/ strategies to move forward in manifesting your more fulfilling life. 

At the end of the Program, you will:


  • Walk in Your Emotional Freedom 

  • Optimise your mind and spirit daily

  • Hold empowering Success Mindsets

  • Own a powerful Daily Self Care routine 

  • Be fully charged on your next level goals

  • Be fully harmonised in your body, chakras and aura

  • Walk in Your Authentic Self

  • Engage deeply with Stillness.

You release & transform as you go through the weeks,

either one to one or as you interact in the group.


In the group, members  (maximum 6 people) support each other in the safe space under my close supervision and guidance. Click here for more about me.

If Group coaching is your preference, it is powerful, as the group immersion is designed to help you heal, recharge, shield, reconnect and start thriving in all areas of your being. They create an amplified transformational experience. You are also more in the realisation that you are not alone in your experiences, which encourages oneness with others..

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I look forward to supporting you in achieving your next steps.


You've been a great source of encouragement for me Bola in your quiet way! It has taken me a long time to believe that I deserve the good things that life has to offer, and that I have something to offer others! Know that you have had a part in this transformation for me! Xoxo” ~ C.S., USA

“I have just finished Bola's NEXT LEVEL course it's not for the faint-hearted because it's life changing. The next level is something that happens inside you. A gradual awakening to the core of your possibilities and you become a different person by choice. I was given a safe space to forgive deep anger that was hurting my loved ones. And I was guided and supported to abide by new values that assisted instead of criticised. I used meditation and subliminal cassettes to study for my GCSE's when I was 17. I am now 46 years old. Due to my history with self development I opted for two sessions a week rather than the one session Bola kindly suggested. So the changes I experienced in four weeks took me by surprise; I breathe and stand differently, my voice has changed, I've lost weight and feel better about my family. I've asked Bola to include a caution in the course title.

"The ledge of your old life ends here ..." I believe she thought I was joking".

~ AA, Hertfordshire. UK

I recommend signing up for my one to one "Manifest Your Next Levels" Leadership program after completion of my Confidence & Wellness program. This allows you to use the tools and strategies you have learnt to build on your alignment to achieve deeper coagulation of your transformation in every aspect of your being.

Leadership Development Programs 

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