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Bola is a Clarity Coach, Emotional Freedom Coach, Certified Trauma Coach & Reiki Medic Care Practitioner, who helps people achieve emotional freedom from anxiety and fear. If you desire to unlearn unhelpful conditioning, rewire your brain, feel safe in your body,, improve your wellbeing, and reclaim your authentic lives, you are in the right place. . Bola has worked in the field of stress and trauma for over 20 years and has developed “Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation” (SMITT). SMITT incorporates mindfulness, psychology and neuroplasticity to improve your emotional freedom, regulation, window of tolerance and resilience. A healthy window of tolerance and resilience are huge factors when it comes to self confidence, for success at work, in business and in personal relationships.


Bola is a Teacher at the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC). She is Speaker,  SEND Advocate & also the Founder of Soulspace Healing. She hosts the Living Daily in Worthiness & Authenticity podcast.​ 

Clarify Your Lucrative Niche Masterclass

Clarifying your Lucrative Niche is fundamental to your self confidence, marketing and business strategy. In this class, you will first clarify what your ideal gift is, out of all the gifts, skills and talents that you have. You will clarify your ideal client and the lucrative micro niche for your business. You will learn to identify which clients suit you best at this time. You will feel at ease with your offer based on your knowledge, life experience, passion, and skills. Many of us who have faced trauma may avoid seeing or accepting what we are really good at. This masterclass supports you to clarify your offer and define what is most important to you now. You will be supported through exercises, reflection, and group feedback, to resolve the common fears about selecting a lucrative niche for your new or evolving business.


Sign up for the masterclass here.

Feel More Confident & Resilient Daily

Your Self Worth & Self-Confidence sky rocket as you understand your thoughts and emotions better.  This is because, much of our confidence comes from how we feel about our own self, rather than our knowledge of a subject or external object.  When you understand yourself better i.e. your strengths and your limits, you find it easier to excel when you come across an unfamiliar subject. This is because you know you can apply your available resources, put yourself to task and take action as you need to.

To learn more and sign up, click here.

Virtual Team Meeting
Beautiful Smile

Soulspace Method in Trauma Transformation


Take part in a 2 month group coaching programme and gain mind clarity in three steps:

1) Mindful Focus

Here you will learn to focus less on the trauma which initially pre-occupies your mind and learn to release any fear that surrounds past events

2) Radical Detachment

This is where you will learn to connect with your deepest feelings and emotions and understand unhelpful conditioning that you can step back from and let integrate into self, for more emotional freedom, peace and tranquillity.

3) Authentic Soul Connection 

Here you will learn how to define what is most important to you NOW. You will reinforce your beliefs and learn to listen to your aligned thoughts, bringing about a new sense of fulfilment and self-confidence.

Ocean Rocks

From Stressed to Calm


Wellness Coach


"First, I have to say that it was a pleasure to meet and be guided through this process by you!  You’re such a lovely person, I wish I could know you in real life. This class was clarifying and enlightening.  I was able to think deeper and differently.  Not only was my niche reaffirmed, but I now have some ideas to help me tweak my messaging around it to attract the right people for me. And learning about Google Keyword Planner was a bonus!  That is a tool I’ll use again and again. Thanks again, Bola"


to learn more about how to obtain true peace of mind and the release you desire, from the shackles caused by past and current traumatic experiences.

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